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    If we - the community - don't push them, they might make decisions that are not the ones that must be taken. Big companies listen to their communities for a reason, because the game depends on the players, the power is on us. Just use it to help the new devs take the game to were we all deserve and want.

    Edit: An example of working charity system on games: think about Pink-Mercy in Overwatch, from Blizzard.

    -The server and security issues should be dealt with. I must say that those have been slightly improved though is not enough. I'm aware you all are aware of that, there's nothing new here.

    -Even if I was the kind of person who burned hundreds of € on the game, I would get rid of the chips and premium stats for the sake of balance. The stats does not need to be even in the clothes or weapons, since like in beta all the clothes had the same. Just make character-global stats (this will make balancing easier -Guild Wars 2 has this feature for example, for PVP and it works great). Transform this broken item system into skins/cosmetics (same for skills). After this... 2 things would happen: people like me would think: hey, I spent the money because I wanted to, so what?, the game is better now (which is also really good for new players) and the people who burnt their money just because they wanted a shortcut for winning will rage, and hopefully quit (which is great, we don't need that kind of people in our community).

    *I would get rid of the AP shop as it is. I would love to see all the stuff unlimited again for pen users too. Get rid of the temporary stuff unless taken from the Fumbi. Make the premium items skins people can buy with real money, and make the Fumbi the free way to get those items so buying is just a shortcut, not a must. Release new skins for free, and give them on events, make people log in and play for them. Release new skins and add them to the AP Shop, and 2 or 3 weeks later add them to the Fumbi too. Limit what can be get from Fumbi, and rotate it every week.

    *You should also build a charity system in which every now and then you guys design some clothing sets/weapon skins/skill skins, special stuff a little bit more expensive which will be used to help some people who need it and will (which is needed too) improve how the people see those who are working behind the game. People love to help and to contribute. Give them a way to do it. Also make special stuff and give it as prizes on tournaments and drawing / storytelling contests. This will make the people help you grow this community again and make sure there is a place for everyone.

    -Reset the clans and fix the clan system. Why? Most of the oldest clans and the custom logo clans are not property of the owners anymore, i know best, I used to be in one of the custom logo clans for a long, long time. Buying clans should not be a thing. Get rid of them, they just harm the community since people in those clans mostly use macros and stuff like that to maintain the required skill level "a custom or beta clan needs". Bs anyways, we all know who's using what and who is who (this is as small community, but even it was known back then when we had thousands of active players). This will affect me personally since I own 2 really really old clans at the moment, clans as old as the game (nearly), and I'm attached to them after so many years, but I feel like this must be done.

    *Add more customization to the logos of clans or let people upload their own logos, any option of this 2 would be better than the options available in the game yet. Also the clan system must be reseted since there is probably hundreds (if not thousands) of abandoned clans. Their owners don't play anymore, or they sold their accounts, or they got banned, etc etc.

    -Start spending money on marketing, you need a "face renewal" and you need more players. Go and get them. If the game is good enough (which currently is not, is not even close to be considered "good", right now is just pay2win bs) the new players will stay.

    -Make some changes to the server and language choices. Spanish needs to be a language in the game, same with English or German (which are currenttly in the game). Why? German, Spanish and English are (and were) the biggest communities. Make this a priority, and keep using them to communicate and get feedback from all languages available. The game used to be on Italian too.. There was a lot of Italian players.

    I don't really like the vote kick system, but I was only able to think about this one (maybe someone can give better ideas, or maybe the community can get some ideas from this and improve it):

    For someone to be kicked from a room most of the people will need to agree, which means that person compromises the fun for almost everyone in that room in some way (which is the same as the current vote-kick system).

    But I would add some variables: if anyone has any other person on the room as a friend or are in the same clan, those will count as an individual: I would understand that because they are a clan or friends they are playing together and making decisions together, ergo they will agree on vote-kicking that person. For example imagine a 12 v 12 match. 5 people are on a clan in one side and 2 people are friends in the other side. There is 1 person with the clan and 4 people with the duo. Suddenly the clan wants to kick the person who is playing with them, and one person on the other side agrees (2 votes, the person on the other side of the clan + the clan). There are 3 people left plus the duo, and they agree not to vote-kick because it's not fair or it's convenient for them since they are playing against a clan and it will be easier or more balanced if the person being kicked remains on the clan side. So you have then 3 individual votes + 1 vote from the duo of friends. This means 2 votes (yes, kick the player) vs 4 votes (no, don't kick the player), so that player won't be kicked. Why this would improve the game? Because we all know of groups who kick people unfairly just because they "own" more votes and they can. And if most of the sides who play (individuals and groups) agree to kick, this means that the player is a negative contribution for the match, and that player will be kicked.

    *This also prevent some AFKs for not voting since I like the AFK system we, the community, have built and I want to reinforce it. That missing player who is in the bathroom or paying for that pizza that just came wouldn't have to worry if playing with friends because they can vote for that person. The missing vote won't prevent a player for being kicked if needed. This will encourage you to play with friends and is why also in the kick system I would add this: For the vote-kick on the room, not voting should count as empty vote and clans and friends vote will be decided with an intern voting system which only the clan / friends can see: if 50% of the members agree, the group will get a positive vote, same if they disagree counting as a negative vote. This means 5 secs for intern vote-kick + 5 secs for room vote-kick and will ensure more fair votes.

    -Recycling usernames and log in names: Set free any username or log in nickname of any people perma-banned after some period of time: 1 month / 3 months or so. Make sure new players have access to those names so the names don't stack up with no one using them. Let the people change their Log In ID every year for free, this won't hurt anyone and will give users like me who have been using the same log in since beta and not necessarily like it anymore some breathe of fresh air and a feeling of renewal.

    -Let us make practice rooms with no sentrys so we can load maps and learn jumps on them without the need of a second person; and do it so we can let people join us later if needed using passwords. This would separate actual playing rooms from the jump rooms which wouldn't give any exp (let people use the ball if TD so we can practice with the decreasing SP like in a real game too).

    -Make a mobile app where you can change equipment on your characters, speak with other users, play Fumbi and buy stuff from the shop. Would be nice to let people get name change for a high amount of pen too. Also accessing to the forums from the app would be nice.

    I would like certain weapons to dissapear or be balanced but whatever, maybe that's asking too much. Stun has allways been a broken mechanic, so was breaker spam and a hell lot of other things, but I'm not going trough that now. I think this is not as important for now or must be dealt with much after this issues since most of the rooms ban them anyways.

    I'm not a big fan of the in-game lobby interface either, I think the lobby and the icons should be improved. Don't touch the In-Game UI when playing matches. That is simple and useful (not that useful those skill icons on the lower corner tho, it's not like you will forget which skill ur using).

    Also the new forum customization system should be improved since you can barely read anything depending on the theme you are using.

    Thanks if you took the time to read this all and if any dev is reading this let me give you a last advice: greed didn't work for others in the past and it's what brought the game to it's current state. Do you want to be the next EA (Battlefront2) or Bethesda (Fallout76)? Or you want to be the next CD Projekt Red? This game has the potential, leave greed to others.

    Edit - Shower Toughts: This is for the community. Pay2Win sort of worked in the past because it was something "new" for most of us. Now there is another mentality amongst most people. Stop supporting the Pay2Win model, this was not Pay2Win when Pentavision made the game, so it can and must be reverted. If this new group behind the game still wants a Pay2Win game, let them die with the game. I'm just saying most of us probably won't spend money again on the game, and if someone does it won't be so much as once they spent. If the new devs don't care about us... why would we care anymore about them and the game? We had enough bs already.

    I understand that reviving this game is a tough task for the new devs, but every time a new company came, they just made the game worse. It's normal for us, the remaining players, to have 0 faith.

    With all said, I hope all the best of luck for the new devs. Have a nice one.