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    i did try that.... and it was a failure , but thanks for helping me out

    Removing the file s4_userdata could do something with the resolution?

    i guess i'm gonna fill some support ticket. i'm mainly trying to figure out the resolution problem up here , i'm guessing the disconnect eac thing is just some temporary f*cuk up on Aeria's end since i cant play properly anyway i dont bother with it

    Yeah probably , anyway the game is rigged for me right now so as much as i'd love to get back to it with my new gaming gear i won't until it's Fixed

    Now to make S4 "great again" here are some random suggestions from Minor to Major shifts in random listing order :

    - Unban exotic IPs = > Channel them in an International Server
    - Change the way Channels works , possibly channel players to English main when say French for exemple lacks playerbase at empty hours ( which is always nowadays by the way , it didnt used to be this way , i wonder what happened :/)

    -Rename current BR mode to True / Solo DeathMatch and regular DM to Team DeathMatch
    -Invest into developpement of an S4 Flavored "Battle Royale Mode"
    -Fix the Weapons you Broke ( RG / HMG / HEAL / MS / LB and possibly some other shet )
    -Show actual Will to Balance maps , Skills , and actions , to limit the impact of Macros and Unlegit Behavior such as scripting

    - Modernize Financial Model and Art Direction aiming towards more mature content and something truly appealing to Veteran Playerbase or 2018 Gaming Era
    - Various Quality Improvements need to be done on the Client / Huds and Interfaces

    - Experiment with Competitive Possibilities over 3 Different Modes at least TD / DM or such / and reworked Battle Royale
    - Figure out wether or not Clubs should take an important part in S4 and if so Figure out wether they should matter regarding competitive and at which degree
    - Find a way for FFA to coexist with SO and Gun Only without any taking over eachother

    For reference i played actively for at least 8 years out of 10. and developped many Strategies and Gameplay Unique to me .
    There's still some willing players attached to this IP. don't let this Die as well as the rest , because once we Reach that point there's no coming back from That.

    It's 2018 we all have plenty of Alternatives IPs to play and the more we wait the more S4 becomes irrelevant , we cannot take sh*t from crappy dev teams / backward management and P2Win Overdose Anymore like we Used to , it won't work in the long run , it already Failed. y'all know this just as much as i Do wether you're from Aeria or any kind of Player.

    Now either we work together to reverse the Heat like it was never seen before , because S4 DO still have potential ! especially in this Battle Royale / E-Sports Era or we just let the Ship sink slowly but Inevetably. We still have a Choice but Time is Running-up and it Shows.

    Ok i tried Backward Windows comptability mode on both the Patcher and the S4 exe i didnt improve anything . Basically when i try to scale up to 1920 X 1080 i get either a portion of the screen that is unacessible ( lower right ) or if i use windowed mode the screen is fine but my mouse cursor is really off it's actual location

    either way it's unplayable and i'm forced into non native resolution ( 1600 x 9xx ) which is a huge pain in the as.s considering how annoying S4 is to run in the first place

    usually i take screenshots to back this up but i was unable to do so with either Onedrive or the S4 client

    i wonder why the f*ck anyone with relevent Inventory content would bother to Hax in the first place , But Then Again it's S4 so it's full of Shet anyways.

    like i literally havent played for a Year. i come back , first game is full of RG abusing , second i met a player almost S4 named "I_Use_Macro" who surprisingly was abusing macros and shet , Great Game lmao. Why even bother to struggle to make it run when it's so dead right now ?

    Title Self explanatory , i just got a brand new gaming Lap (Entry lvl HP Omen) and i was pretty excited to be finally able to play properly this Game regardless of it's lack of Performance Optimization the later Years ... Only to find this (See Screenshot ) after the second time i log in , i literally didn't Play PVP nor Arcade yet but apparently the game already thinks i'm hacking , too OP i guess ?

    Meanwhile i was actually just trying and failing to get the Game to Display in my native Resolution 1920 x 1080

    I sincerely hope the game isn't even shittier by itself , bah who am i kidding judging by even the shop it's probably stalling right now but it would be nice to be able to play before it dies or something happens you know ?

    Nerf Railgun n' Shet. don't Touch Original Gauss unless it's Walking speed / Latency Fix or a new Left Click or i F*cking quit for Real.

    3 Topics for the Price of 1 !:/