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    I have found out that disabling these fixes if for me but after that I get disconnected at server entering.


    i had all options disabled, and i have that same problem like you..
    My 2 theorys is:

    1- Game need rework the IP BAN and Fixes Bugs,
    2- Servers need to up the wait time for connection at leats 5 mins

    they're called private servers for a reason.they dont get attacked by kids and make money they just run on their own with private invites and has a much less player base.

    but, being an Official Server, Services which is supported by devs + money.

    i suppose that should have more solutions than another unofficial Service right?

    i had good connection speed and my pc runs the game properly then, why i getting conection lost then?

    so, there is another ppl who happened this.. i hope they fix this on next patch.

    that might be the reason why you're not able to connect to the server since they have a minimum requirement of internet speed which is quite low but might not be in your case they have this for quite a few yrs already

    I played Yuisy Server and Private Servers Like ***** (which have so much lag even) and all perfectly working..

    Today finally the game goes to start screen but i get "connection has been terminated" the game takes so long time, like 4 or 5 mins..

    have you tried it again today? and how long does it usually take you to get to the press start screen? because people who takes a while would get the popup the connection has been terminated since they took too long to connect to the server

    where are you stuck at? can u get to the login page? or you cant enter after s4 loaded up or u cant join servers
    state where you got stuck at cause theres different solution on each part

    Before the Screen "Press Start" the game never goes to that point, all process close.

    Hi! im Dakuri from Venezuela! i'm glad to meet ya :)

    Since i get last patch which includes new Anti-Cheat Service i notice S4 loads the Easy AntiCheat and eventually finish the process.

    I Tried even unstalling the game and installing again and nothing fixes. (in case of not having updated correctly).

    It's really a shame because I really wanted to go back to my beginnings in EU.

    Any help will be thankful, regards.

    - Dakuri