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    If you can get into a room then it may be something else. Have you tried creating a room on another server like the others suggested? You can try to see if another account works.

    i have tried joining Russian server for 3 mins then joined Eng 1
    was able to complete 2 matches so far xd so guess the problem is fixed some how

    Unless there is no other way, it is better to keep the names as they were when the game patched.

    If you make clean reinstall of the game you probably won't have problem with the file names anymore.

    I got that error once today randomly but that was it.

    Deleted the file and disabled vsync when i logged in , and got the same error once i entered a room
    i don't have anything opened on the background though and the game takes only 1 min and half or roughly 2 mins to start " Reach lobby Screen after i select server " not too slow
    any ideas ?

    Lmao. You made 3 mins video about something that can be explained in 2 words.

    Delete s4_UserData.s4 if you have vsync already enabled and keep it disabled so the game can load faster.

    Okay ty i will try it

    but should i keep the S4Client_BE and S4Client_EAC as they are right now or shuffle them back as they were in the 1st place

    Currently the only Error i'm getting is this ( Connection Timed out ) (EAC-3)

    got it around 10 times in the last 6 hours i tried to play , i have stable connection though

    Shuffling S4Client_BE and S4Client_EAC doesn't seem to fix the problem
    S4Client_EAC "2,286 KB"
    S4Client_BE "1,034 KB"

    :rolleyes: i'm not complaining just posting the issue
    and i just wanted to know if this is Server issue or Files related issue