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    This new RG feels much more fair. However I think it should have some of its Critical Damage Modifier back for head shots, (at least enough to ensure a kill with a full charge regardless of stats). It's a sniping weapon, aiming for the head should be rewarding.

    All of the other Melee Weapons have FP I Capsule versions which can be bought, but not the Vital Shock. Please add it to the I Capsule list, (and yeah it's one of my fav weapons ofc that's why I'm suggesting). xD

    Lag always has, and always will exist, and lag is not one-sided. If someones ping is high to you, then your ping is also high to them as well, and your shots/hits will be just as delayed to them as theirs are to you. Except everyone else's shots/hits will also be that delayed on him/her as well. So if anything lagging is more disadvantageous to the lagger, and not the other way around.

    The ping limit...yeah no ty. I think we have enough dc messages to get annoyed about in the game, and we don't need to lesson the player base any more than what it is now.

    About the range change for swords, understand that means that the range of your attacks would be cut on the lagger as well. Lag in S4's case is a bad connection between 2 players, and also the server. Sure one persons connection is laggier, but if both of you hit tab, it will show both of you that you have the same ping to each other. The end result would be the same.

    Change the pattern for guns, the laggers life don't need to be harder.

    The best solution is to just think ahead. Use their lag against them~

    Example 1: If in swords (just for this example), you ambush a lagger (one that has those 2 second delay hits), from behind a wall and decide to jump out stab him/her, s/he won't see your character move on his/her screen until 2 seconds later, but the same is also true if they were to try to do that on you. If their delay is 2 seconds, then think 4 seconds ahead.

    Example 2: In unlimited, say you decide you wanna Airhug. If you suprise the same lagger that has 2 second hit delays then you'd be able to get 2 or 3 shots in before they'll be pushed by your Rev/Shotguns knock-back, and since they won't until the delay catches up to them you'll be able to headshot easier since they won't be pushed until it does. Again, this is true too if the lagger decides to do the same to you.

    Source of this opinion: I've been on both ends of lag, and the two ends are no different aside from the fact that to the lagging player everyone elses range has that delay to them. "Lag is not one-sided".

    Extra: Though if they're force lagging somehow for a brief few seconds to get a clear advantage, and then go back to normal, that's a different story.

    Blade City for Battle Royal would be nice, (I personally love BR mode).

    Though I think it'd be a more interesting map for TD depending on the goal placement. Which I think should go around where flag 1 and 3 are in the siege version, but up inside of the windows. This way the enemy teams on both halves would have to choose to score by either going through the window, or taking the long way around through the narrow hallway leading to the goal.

    Edit: As for team lasers, I think one should be at the player's building entrance close to their spawn, (but only that one entrance so players have more routes to head to the goal with). Perhaps another one in those little nooks close to where flags 1 and 3 would be in Siege. So they could easily reset the ball after the enemy team fails to score. Oh, and one for their spawn point too, (I almost forgot). XD

    Breaker's jump attack deals way more damage than Boot's, and Boot aerial takes significantly longer to execute than Breaker aerial does.

    As someone who out of habit likes to experiment with all weapons, i'm 100% sure their damage is the same, do some tests with friends. The Breaker jump is just quicker. I've done close to 100 damage with my enchanted boots crits when testing it with my friends (def pierce + strong chips lel). You just need to aim it so the jump attack hits their feet, (and that's not counting the follow-up Heavy attack).

    And as for sprint, its speed is equal to a few other weapons. There are even times when a weapon that has equal speed to Boots gets to the *fumbi first, purely because of how Boots moves, as it's bad at turns.

    Get your Boots, and have your friends race you in a straight line, but have them use Dag or HG and you'll beat them every time.

    As for this suggestion, it's mainly to decrease animation time of normal attacks, remove the half second "freeze" in the middle of the aerial animation, let aerial attack actually make contact with the ground before ending (this is a problem for many weapons), and to let Boots properly attack at any point during their charge. This suggestion does not increase power or speed, nor does it decrease SP cost.

    Also about that air delay, it's useful if you know when to use it. If you execute it from the top of your jump many other ground based melee attacks will miss you, like the Vital/Ps dash, Stab, Breaker swing, Cs jump. etc. (That's also true for the other melee weapons that have the half second freeze). I don't mind the idea of decreasing the post delay after the attacks, but removing that tiny air pause will take away one of its advantages.

    I am not sure why you want the ammo replaced with sp to be honest.

    It'd slow down the rate of heal stack across the map because when they'd run of of SP; they'd have to wait until they meet the minimum SP requirement to attack or heal again. The only way players could almost heal stack decently is if they have an even amount of Mind Energy users along with Mk2 Rescue Gun users, (for the SP shot to keep the Mind Energy players SP up).

    While the Mk2 can heal as well, it has limited ammo; the players need more aim to be successful with it, and enemy team can de-spawn your mk2 heals by touching them too.

    They could even put both items on, but then they only have one slot for offense.

    This would even make it harder for the Chasers to use the MS in Unlimited because they'd have to give up the SP that they need to chase people with to attack with it.

    (Chasers recover SP a lot faster I know, but this still would slow them down at least a little bit with the MSing).

    It may even make some players who want to support to take SP Mastery for extra shots. Their SP regen rate would also recover more SP per second at the cost of losing the HP from HP Mastery.

    I think it'd be worth a try.

    And decrease its movement speed. There is no reason for it to be the weapon with the fastest speed considering it has a boost option too.

    This is going to feel very broken and cheap. The MS already has a bad reputation as it is.

    How would the MS be broken? the MSer would lose somewhere between 10 ~ 20 sp per attack pulse, and they'd have to wait for their SP to go back up to keep attacking. xD

    That's about 10 ~15 attacks at 10 sp per pulse depending on the skill and gear you take or 5 ~ 6 attacks at most for 20 per pulse. (Hmm 20 seems too steep now that I look at it).

    Been a while since I've done one of's what I'd wanna do off the top of my head.

    Plasma Sword/Bat [Balance]

    Make the move-speed during light/heavy cuts the same as the players walk speed.

    (The Vital, Dagger, and the Fists also allow free movement during their light cuts, but you don't lose any move-speed when you attack with them like you do with these two weapons).

    Dual Magnums [Buff]

    Increase overall damage [Slightly]

    Ammo Change [From 22 to 27]

    (I feel these don't do much damage, and at 27 ammo you'd be able to complete 3 ground shot combos before needing to reload instead of 2 combos with a partial 3rd).

    Iron Boots [Balance]

    Increase the players move-speed during ground combos. [greatly]

    Lessen the post delay between ground combo hits. [greatly]

    Lower the range traveled with the boost special. [To same distance as PS Dash] (as suggested by 0xFEE1DEAD )

    Lower the SP cost of the boost special. [slightly]

    (The boots ground combo is probably the least used melee combo attack in the game atm, and while I agree that the boost special could be nerfed; I think the SP cost should go down a little as well if it does).

    Mind Shock/ Mind Heal [Balance]

    Pulse Rate Change [Revert to old please]

    Ammo Change, [From 30 to INF]

    Add a SP cost per pulse to both weapons; [Somewhere between 10 ~ 20 SP per pulse]

    (This way, although they'd have infinite ammo, they will be vulnerable if they rely on either of these two weapons too much).

    Tbh all I'd ask for in the boots's case is shorter combo attack delays, (especially after the very first light hit), and to make it so the players move speed is unhindered while executing the light combo (until the last hit). It'd be much easier to land hits that way, and may make the light combo more inviting to use.

    As for damage, it is fine as it is. Its light hits do the same damage as cs lights pretty much. The 2nd attack of the light combo can crit for a decent chunk, and if you're fast enough you can chain a heavy after the last light combo hit. Not all melee weapons should do high damage. Besides; its jump attack damage is actually the same as the Breaker jumps, but it can crit for 2x damage, and that particular attacks post delay aint so bad.

    40. What do you mean?

    44; Just curious if it'd help prevent those hack users from having their bots constantly enter rooms to freeze people. You know...

    "-Player has left the room."

    "-Player has left the room."

    "-Player has left the room."

    I'd hope it'd stop them from joining mid-game at least.

    Which kind of event won't be farmed?

    Those Easter events in the past where you had to collect eggs that dropped at random spots and times across the map couldn't be afk farmed. I know ppl would still make no kill rooms for those kind, but at least they'd have to stay at tabbed into S4 to make sure they get the eggs; Cuz if they don't someone else will. Good times...

    Having kssn restriction is entirely Korea exclusive thing (not to mention can still be stolen)

    You won't see any other f2p game doing that outside it. It will also create inconvenience for new players registering.

    heck, even requiring phone number may be too much.

    Binding it to a steam account however may works if the game even gets there.

    There needs to be something that prevents players from creating several accs. Phone numbers could possibly work too as long as they'd make it so no 2 phone numbers can be used on the same acc. However at the same time there're people out there that have several phones. So this may not work after all.

    And yeaah I don't think steam's gonna happen..

    It wouldn't hurt to give them HP+30 as their perm starter skill instead of the HP+15 one on top of giving them the perms you mentioned . The game gives them a 30 day Dual Mastery through level rewards, and they're gonna be missing that when it expires. CyberWing89

    But honestly even if you give them new items it still won't help them much if they're up against smurf players who'll run circles around them. Something should be done about the smurf problem before that first tbh, and the game should be fixed overall before all that though. I can't imagine new players would stay long with the constant crashes, bugs. and hack user problems on top of that.

    (Also remember in the beginner server they'd be more likely to run into hack users). Poor beginners...

    you shouldnt really look at it by how much it is used. you should look at it of how much it can do with such little skill. for example: all you do is throw a bomb and kill the entire team, press f and kill three players instantly, hold down mouse 1 and kill everyone, press right click and dash past everyone in a second. people probably dont use hmg because it isn't fun to use, even if it is op. no one wants to sit in base all day and wait until people come up ramp for you to actually do anything. this is the same mindset with healing. even tho it is op, no one wants to do it because they want to take the glory for themselves. bad players shouldnt be able to amass a lot of points just by using certain things.

    What's most used? Meta weapons/skills that're the "most effective", and most overpowered.

    What weapons need to be balanced more than others? See my above sentence.

    If I; someone who is mostly an OS player can defeat HMG's with melee, and have no issues no one else should be complaining. It's got a slow start up time, and its long range sucks; so use that knowledge to your advantage. Better yet; take weapons & skills that counter it easier if you have such a problem with it.

    Btw what guns take skill? Aren't all the Rifles & Heavy guns just point and shoot? Yes? "Oh but you need aim with Rifles"; yeah but they're made for medium to long range; which HMG sucks with. Gattling guns aren't meant for accuracy. They're designed to be powerful in their prefered range; (point blank to medium). If an entire team dies from of an HMG; then they probably deserved to.

    Least HMG can't wallshoot. cx

    I still think making an Aeria Account linked to your SSN like KS4 did would be a great way to stop people from making alts. No 2 accounts could use the same SSN. I mean really...make this a thing. We'd all have to pick which "ONE" account we'd want to play on. This would stop people from smurfing; (or at least make it a lot harder). Banning would seem even more permanent in this case.

    This would help the new players; as the smurfs wouldn't want to give up their main accs to keep their lil smurf, and then the new players would actually have a chance to learn how to play on the Beginner server.

    It would also block the wave of hack users from causing nearly as many issues. There're plenty of kids out there that don't know how to hack the code themselves, and they just download the tools that the real hackers create. When these "hack users" get banned their first thought is to "ban evade" by smurfing. What happens if they try? Dun dun dun; they can't cuz of the SSN wall they'd run into.

    Just my 2 cents; the lack of new players due to smurfing, and the waves of script using kiddies are what're mainly killing the game imo. Also yeah; I know people would lose their alts that they probably spent money on, the only way I think they could be compensated is if their items are migrated to their main which I think would be generous enough.

    One account, one chance~

    Removal of Vote kick: would be good for all modes. It's used more often for selfish reasons than what it was put there for. For example; kicking someone because you don't like them; kicking people for no reason; kicking a new or inexperienced player for having (bad score) etc which is just dumb. How can they gain combat experience if they always get kicked? I've even seen games where people don't kick a hacker that joins their team in order to get an massive edge, and only after that they kick them.

    Removal of custom room titles: This would help prevent stupid limitations like CPD no F. Where're people that like all melee supposed to play if all melee players wanna ST-2 CPD no F and nothing else? It'd also stop the limitations in "Unlimited"; which you know; as the name suggests should have "no limits".

    Removal of Chat in lobby: So no RM could say "CPD no F" in the lobby, or any other limitation. This more or less is just an add on to the above idea.

    If players wanna make custom limitations they should make locked rooms in this case, and only invite players they know that're okay with those specific setups.

    General: Remove Spawn Buffs, as they only benefit those who have nothing else to spend PEN on or Shiny F. The Pen/Exp buffs are used in farming anyway. Make a "No Stats Applied" setting for all modes.

    Siege: Make kills only give 1 point, and make the green tokens give 2. Also, it'd be a bit more interesting if there was a point gain bonus for any team who has all 3 flags. Like if your team has all 3 flags in their control; your team score goes up by 1 per second, and 2 per second in the hyper mode (during the final stretch).

    DM: What Hella said, bring back the pity for being at a big disadvantage score wise. It sucks to join in 2nd half when the enemy team has like 30+ more score than your team does.

    BR: Remove the bonus score for killing the target player. I love this mode to death, but I hate the fact that in the final stretch it's about "who can KS the target". Sure it's meant to pressure the person who's in first, but they get a target on them so shouldn't that be enough of a disadvantage? (instant spawn makes this even more annoying).

    nintenn The only real gap between AP and PEN is Enchanting really. Everyone has access to FP now if they play their cards right. As players level up they're offered free capsules, not to mention chances to get free capsules every day which you can also stack. Also I Capsules like you mentioned, Conquest and we have Events. Even Fumbi can give FP stats perm sometimes (or temporarily). Also the F skills are bought with PEN and have nothing to do with AP so I won't count that as P2W.

    Enchanting is the only real P2W thing in this game. When you come across someone that has max defense stat and Lv 10 Def piercing legit along with other top tier enchants yeah it's intimidating. We can get "okay" level enchants without uploading AP, but we won't get those god tier enchants without spending AP on reset insurance and lucky jackpots, and enchant delete to get rid of the stuff we don't want.

    I've done some tests with the Style chip skill, and I can confirm it doesn't even travel as far as the normal dodge, and it costs more SP to use. It'd be more useful if it traveled a bit further than the basic dodge for the same cost. Compare it to the 1-hit chip set or the solid and it pales in comparison. Another dodge is just another dodge, and so it might as well be better than the basic dodge.

    It would honestly be a refreshing rule. Though it won't be used sadly because it's a choice that everyone'll make. Even if the rule were forced onto people they'd make 12 or 16 player rooms with the title "3v3, 4V4" and lock the rooms after they got everyone they wanted. (Voting yes anyway).

    I totally agree with avenger (and Hella). In my opinion, the "cure" of all CPD rooms would be a true balance weapon. If CPD rooms exist, it's because of weapons that are broken when spamming etc.. and totally destroy the fun of the game. And, because S4L is a SHOOTER game, the melee weapons are balanced for the Unlimited Mode (example : CS revenge is very strong in OS mode but not in Unlimited mode). That's why I suggest making an OS Balance Weapon different that the unlimited one, and CPD rooms will disappear, boosting the diversity that offers S4L.

    Easy fix; delete CPD from S4. (Kidding really), but yeah I'm tired of people complaining bout the other weapons in OS. They complain bout Katana & Sig spam yet they have a CS to stop it. They complain about BR jump yet they still decide to keep attempting to turtle with revenge anyway despite that being the very thing BR is good against. They complain anything their setup can't beat instead of trying to adapt, and try a new setup. If only many of these people would actually try to use the new weapons at least for the sake of understanding why they work so well against their precious CPD.

    It's bad enough that the chips can downgrade instead of upgrade. There're more possible negative outcomes than positive, and that's why it can be so hard to get them to lvl 5. Also we're buying level 1 chips from the shop. So why're they more expensive to buy from the shop than the upgrade to level 5 gamble?

    Positive Outcomes~
    Upgrade to Next Level

    Negative Outcomes~

    Do Nothing (PEN loss for literally no effect, and should be the only negative effect).
    Downgrade to Previous Level (Annoying...).

    Chip Break (The most BS out of the 3, cuz now you have to spend another lump some of PEN just to buy a replacement).

    Do you really want more ppl to have items with messed up stat? (though it is debatable if 4HP is better than having no damage)

    4 HP Is better than 5% Attack. Say you whack someone with a PS, 5% attack will only add .85 damage to light attacks and 1.7 to heavies. Now on a Revolver shot (that does 60 damge if all hits) a 5% ATK increase would only add 3 damage overall (6 if crit).

    Though I understand it was a mess up it would of been a neat thing for him to keep. At one point I had an accessory that had 4 HP on it, but I dismantled it when I was trying to craft my Lucifer. I kinda regret that now tbh, and it was that lil Bunny ear accessory for female chars. xD

    So you would rather see the same old stuff get refurbished over and over again instead of trying to make something new and better, that's an interesting POV. I mean sure, why not make the Honey Hot Pants red, make it a 5 minute effort and call it new content. That's not how this works though. And as i've stated before, there's more pressing issues than cosmetics atm.

    I don't see why there can't be both. New custom skins, and recolors both would be nice to have as well. There're players out there (like me) that love to match their weapons color with their costume. More player customization I believe would be a good thing for this game, but yeah as you said it's not the focus right now. Maybe later on something this can be thought about some more.

    S4 on PSP at one point was going to be a thing, (play on highway map, and you'll see proof). Honestly this game would be horrid on mobile. Imagine how annoying it would be to move and aim at the same time. Not to mention wall jumps'n such. If it were cross platform the PC players would have advantage over Mobile version players.

    ok.. I started the project it will take a little time to complete.. or not.. depends on how fast I want to complete it x3.

    NOTE: I had to change finish to complete.. because having it after finish for some reason registers as a swear D:

    Hey that's fine; there's no rush. cx

    Oh, and there's a swear word hidden between those words. There's the "sh" from Finish and then "it". The forums thought you said Sh(Bleep), you know. XD