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    It is not but they can still keep the amount of ppl who has the skill to minimum so you don't have to play in a room where everyone has only this skill and nothing else.

    Eidt: Actually I lied. It is reversible if they rebalance the skill so the others skills to get some use as well.

    Minimum? In Sword rooms, 85% have it, cmon.

    It's fine in sword. And 95% of all players are Sword Player.

    I'm saying it since I never touched gun. It doesn't break the balance, it makes it even better, because you can dodge the stun more.

    Also more events to make items like insurances and deletes acquirable ingame through playing. This is truly what many player desire in my opinion.

    There are not many players like me, that are willing to pay many thousands of € for enchants.

    The quiz was also cool, since we were able to win insurances. :thumbup:

    Dear S4 League staff,
    since there is a 10 year anniversary, why not just make an event, where you can obtain the ''Unique Dual Mastery'' permanently through ingame farming, like the first event.
    It would just be fair, because at least 60% of all players have it already.
    There may be people that say, it would be broken but it's already out there and it's not a really huge difference in comparison with the normal dual. So it would be fair, if everyone has the chance to acquire it. Also people that didn't play in the peroid it first got released.
    Kind regards, Unproven. ^^