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    White Western Boy set / Black "Kitsch" set without hair and fa.ce

    Does the picture tell?

    ( can tell because i randomly got it within the 3 caps): The Kitsch set contains the hair ( no fa.ce though).

    Also is AP stats (=FP without the EXP stats)

    I'd assume the same for the western boy

    // I liked it very much when there were perms in the 2nd category. Especially here, where it is so interesing

    It is funny cuz the changes that it got doesn't really change it much. The fire rate was barely changed (from 7 to 7.5 or something like that) and the movement speed still remains the lowest after the Turret and getting bombed is still pretty much a guaranteed hit.

    I'd really like them to make formulas and numbers (possibly also possible positions of the random spray bullets) visible to us. I think that was higher, but would love confirmation from someone with code access and historical knowledge.

    The movementspeed buff while firing was a big one for the HMG, and needed since the game is fast paced.

    Edit: I just tested the pattern. To my surprise, the first few bullets ( don't want to use up so much time as to go through all of it) match this:…_Gun?file=Hmg-pattern.jpg

    so i assume it is stil lthe same pattern through the whole spray. ( I thought they brought a randomspray when they changed it.. well I guess I was wrong there. Thanks for the info, Hella, this caused my balancing post to get corrected)

    you must be a sword player

    Yeah, like I'd talk about synergy if all I did was playing a mode with 2+2 passive skills ( I guess my signature also heavily suggests that I play SO all day ).

    If you go and pull ad hominem on someone, better make sure

    1. Nobody notices, because ad hominem is not a valid argumentation line

    2. You don't pull it, when it is wrong so obviously.

    Nightmarish made a point, even suggesting you counterplay. You just went ahead ignoring constructive discussion, claiming your opinion was objective. This thread is not about your ego. People are actually trying to help building a better future for the game we love.

    Yeah Hella and Night might tend to take the cynic route sometimes, but eh.. look through it, the points matter.

    you use these skills to make hmg even harder to counter

    That is the point of a setup.. Have skills that synergize with your weapons. Engaging melee opponents with revo+ shield in DM is an example for that.

    The moment a HMG has shield acitve, they are immobile. Think and take counter measures.

    If all else fails, there is a second half for counterpicks.

    hmg is 100% op

    no, it is not

    Exchanging the current fumbi model with a pumpkin would have taken 5 minutes, but thank you for that great patch of nothingness.

    And then what? Ppl would complain about there not being decoaration or flair or whatever. This wouldn't change a thing, I wouldn't consider that event-worthy.

    Your suggestion vs nothing to me is all the same.

    I just hope they have learned from the past and are really (trying to be) working on improving the game

    who re u :v

    I have just created some hint

    to make something on topic though: nostalgia too. E.g. N2 is rarely seen today. Whenever i play it, this brings back memories for N2 is the map, i feel my detect plays most interesting ( and the one I spent most time using it)

    Why quit when S4 will be the next esport game and we tryhards will all get rich??????????????????????????ßd fdb fdnm f kb fn,vchkrnksf,snsjlvbg xdddd

    Also I can't quit because this^ guy (if this is the real one) always forces me to play s5 and my masochistic part likes it

    I feel hard stuck in s4 simply cuz there is nothing like it or better on the market. S4 is surely not without cons but it has a lot of pros too.

    The gameplay is fast, the controls feels great, you can play with any weapon and skill you want, the character customization is deep enough, asian style characters.

    The movement is unique, we have an extremely low weapon swap timing that allows for a certain smootheness. The combine any types of weapons/skills aspect is amazing and binds us to classes of the dev's imagination to a much lesser extend.

    TD is just something in conjunction with how s4 plays that is unseen anywhere else.

    Yeah at some point the public got the DustStation-2 problem, but there are still people (even non-toxic ones at that) going wide in maps.

    I have found myself leaving and coming back a few times now. S4 is just amazing. It has seen bad management and big parts of the community aren't helping the game. But the game itself is imo just wonderful.

    I doubt anything has been fixed since long ago. Also those pets are some of the more obscured ones. The bugs are probably why they aren't included often in promotions.

    Do you know when they removed the green writing in the santa cap description?

    I have no idea tbh but i know it used to be there

    Do you by chance know if the Ling-ling is sorted under Acc too?

    But that is kinda sad. I am S4 and don't care about winning or losing therefore shall people play what they want. I make a few exceptions like "please communicate to your team when you play RG so we don't play as 4 snpiers" because that is pointless and imo no fun). I don't care about how many rookies there are in my team. Unless you're sabotaging your own team willingly (rookies might do that by using the block-skill a few times, but i will hint that and give them chances to improve; it is a different thing when it happens over the whole of 30 minutes or if someone throws bombs in his own team over and over)

    , are cheating or insulting other i don't really care (perhaps i left out something but you get the idea)

    I might be strange but I enjoy my approach.

    // If you play a CW you set a password anyway. In CW you don't want to have random S4s as well as random rookies because it is a CW. Set pw, be done with it.

    VC means votekick. What happens now is rookies getting kicked all over the place. Making them unable to join rooms is almost the same. At some point (and imo they shouldn't wait till whatever rank) they need their crucible, they need to get better, and what better way is there than playing with and against experienced players. There are some friendly Pros and S4 ranks out there willing to help rookies be it even by only giving little hints.

    I had a rookie on saturday who was desperate on beating Story chapter 8 for the mission. After helping him he expressed for an easy 3 minutes how grateful he was. Yes this game is about competition. But why don't we go the step further to help the newcomers and bad players out so at some point they can compete, instead of willingly throwing them out of our games or prohibit their presence beforehand.

    If you want to go tryhard mode, you'll find willing participants playing S5 still and enough of them are capable of beating you.

    Just please.. the game has only few players left as it is.. don't eliminate the unlucky ones trying to join in times like this.

    Edit: Yes, Votekick should be VK, i have no idea what went wrong in my head here. Sorry once more

    Okay, I accept this answer. The current situation don't allow it because S4 League don't have enough players.
    Still I've this other suggestion, where there is a level restriction in the room settings. Like you can only enter this room if you reached Level 40 (Semi-Pro)
    And you can enable or disable it, as you wish. This is a compromise from me.

    This would just shift the problem, not resolve it. If you make this (imo) you keep most of the VC problems because you kinda use the VC beforehand here.

    Sadly I don't have an alternative soluion right now.

    If we had more players, we could try a ranking/matchmaking system (using elo or sth similar), but as it is, i see this failing.

    // trivia: Once upon a time, ppl could set a level limitation to their rooms ( i don't know the exact numbers) like +-20 levels taking the RM level as base value. I don't think this was used very often though

    we still got content to keep the game fresh with actual updates.

    i almost fell off my chair from laughing

    I understand that you want to see some results though, we all want to, I think.

    Oh look, another OS player showing of his solo rushing fighting skills.

    I've seen a lot of Tunnel rooms lately. Since when are people playing that in OS and why?

    the true display of skill since st2 is for nubs? i don't know. At least now the percentage of unlimited players has been risen by about .1%

    I like how his signature works alongside the post though. Nice man

    exactly what Xane wrote. You may try to join a different server and then make some space.

    Honestly i would love to make space. But people are behaving so bad towards each other, this is barely possible. I would love to ask if this is a technical issue that could be fixed, but we all know the answer.

    Thank all of you nonetheless

    Suggestion [global]:

    [1]If player A someone gets pushed, blown or otherwise CC'd by player B so that between the ending point of said CC and the A's death no ground is touched by A (meant in a manner of standing on it), B is awarded the kill.

    [2]If within the time frame of the CC+.5 seconds A dies of lasers, B is awarded the kill


    - If multiple CCs were cast, the last one counts (see "problem")

    - assists are calculated as usual

    explanation: trying to make people get the kills where they deserve them


    This I don't think is easy to implement. That is not even easy to express in words to get implemented somewhat correctly. Even the way i put it isn't correct, it shall just bring across the general idea.

    For example (and as much as i disapprove of bringing St2): A is walking up the stairs and simply jumping around the laser - B revopushes A to prevent A from entering the upper ground and A falls down into the abyss -> in this scenario B wouldn't be awarded the kill, though you technically deserved it.

    Considering the first comment: Since s4 uses a kill+at max one assist system, i needed to think of something more. Simply giving away a kill here makes multiple CCs a problem. This comment is meant to solve the issue for a revo-revo-setup for example but fails considering blow->push where the blow is lethal anyway.

    Now there could be a CC-ranking for this, but tbh this just gets complicated.

    Summary: I like the idea, but implementing it seems complicated to me. I don't think i am even close here. Still i want to get the idea going, perhaps someone brings up something more efficient, correct and perhaps easier to read.

    //maybe there can be played with the "state of falling" but i can't yet say

    Better balance of weapons, rather than modes. Start with the fix of the stunlock in the game.

    There is a thread for this already ( Feedback needed - Weapons, Basic ). Still that doesn't mean we shouldn't be trying to improve the game elsewhere.

    If we considered the 20/20 balanced, the U-skill still brings +25% stats here. That is imo not to be considered "hardly"

    If I have to choose between a oversize phone made in the 90's and a smartphone.

    It's obviously what I pick. There always things in life will get replace eventually. But that doesn't mean it's broken.

    So promoting a stale meta with everyone using the same skill is fine? I disagree. I'd love to see more diversity.

    Imo all the skills should have their place, may it even be niche for some. -5hp is simply not enough to justify a straight +25sp. This skill is killing what would otherwise be "viable" choices

    The thing is, that you dont even get any points, even if you dealt a massive amount of damage. They just have to wait a couple of seconds and then they can reset their HP without any consequences. (Didnt talk about, when you push them down and then get the kill)

    I see the point. Have added an edit to the post above: EDIT-Addition: If 80 or more damage are dealt, instead award the kill.

    ^This uses the same unlimited (or extended) time frame.

    Thanks for clarifying

    // I'll think about adding something like "if pushbacks, blow or any Crowdcontrol causes death award assist/kill". I like the idea. Canno players would certainly love it