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    If you play because of how people behave its a bit sad... I mean are you letting other people condition your access to the game, really? You can simply mute those people and enjoy the game.

    Its just a Bit funny if you want to play a teamplay game with people that cant play in a Team.

    What do you mean with mute, is there a speech Chat?

    I can go also play an offline if i dont want to kommuinikate while playing.

    Thats my opinion

    Me either, its like those haters on WoW, that constantly say THAT game is dead, yet its still going.

    Whats the point in it? If you don't like a game, don't play it, don't try and drag people who do like the game down with you, thats a tard thing to do.

    Hey dont get me wrong, but the other game you are talking about got Bigger chances in the game and will get a classic server.

    I wasnt playing s4 for a long time and I still can see the flame is going on here.

    Maybie i try this game again someday when i See the commiunity is getting a better selfcontroll and all balancing and cheating problems are solved.

    I think the old RG was fine. It was just the Sharp that was (and still is) totally underpowered due to limited ammo and too little damage.

    The good old times xd

    Got to mich Otter Stuff to do and cant test the new railgun powah.

    Merry Christmas