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    Funny how most of all threads develop into weapon discussions. Another indicator that the balancing of weapons needs to be fixed.

    You're giving me false hope for a thing that will probably never happen. Though honestly I HOPE this is an issue of literal inability, vs. lack of enthusiasm on Aeria's part to really do anything. I'm starting to think the new dev team has 0 idea what to do with the same code that has been passed down & mangled by 2 to 3 other publisher's dev teams. I imagine that can be fixed in time since private s4 servers exist & even they, hobbyist programmers, find a way to make & change their own content. I think.

    Then again, who's to say it's a little bit of both. Maybe the issue IS complex to figure out handmedown code, but maybe Aeria doesn't pay its dev teams enough to care to try finding out either.

    I think they need balance yes... but I manage none the less x3


    S4's default crosshairs, both versions of them, were & still are so intrusive to my vision. To this day, having too many lines over my intended targets still distracts me. I wish we had an option for a dot sight, or just something more minimal to show dead center, charging, ammo, & reload times.

    Does anyone else have this problem?

    I'd also want to argue for even being able to make/upload our own crosshairs, but that could potentially be used to track shot spread patterns, and i'm not sure if even I am okay with that.

    Boom. Etsy merch. Remember us little people when you make it big.

    But srs, cool stuff. Glad to see you've taken an interest to go digital to clean up your stuff. Your first dive into it worked well.

    theres still fun to be had in s4 from time to time but yeah i feel your pain man the st2 only meta is REALLY BORING. I played a match for the 1st time in a month yesterday and had a really good time, but i really wish there was more variety theres so many AWESOME MAPS people overlook its so annoying lol.

    This prob I cant blame on Aeria its just the recent community are like robots.

    Oh i'm sure we can reasonably still pin a bunch of that on Aeria, but I get your point.

    Though still, to be fair, the fact this game is an investment that usually turns people away from all the cooler stuff. People enchant and use equipment specifically for ST2 map advantages. all those enchantments, chips and what-not aren't nearly as effective on other maps like oldschool & tunnel, so maybe people feel pigeonholed into ST2 anyways because that's what people groomed their gear for the most.

    Or we can still blame it on them anyways and say they just hate trying different things than the same 5 jumps off stairs, or the same bloody exodus up the ramp.

    You'll be back. It may take years like it did for me, but you'll be back. And you will loathe every second this game took from you all over again.

    Or S4 finally dies its final death and all our souls can truly rest in peace.

    We need a support group for those of us non st2 enthusiasts left behind. Follow me, brethren. I will fight to make the Netsphere a place for all modes to be played, and nobody, regardless of the quality of their equipment, shall never be ashamed of what they play or how they play it.

    "I have a dream that one day we will live in a Netsphere where we will not be judged

    by the scores of our touchdowns, but by the content of our playstyles." -Murumancer

    Netsphere enthusiast "Muru" Murumancer delivering his famous speech,

    moments before his assassination. ( March 6, 2019, Neden-J, Netsphere, Colorized)

    ...I spent way more time on this joke than it ever deserved.

    I am personally sick of the game mode & map after so many years of it. Even more so if it's Sword Only. And that is usually all I ever see. 9/10 times when I log in when I can, and it's all SO-ST2, with nothing in between

    What possesses you folk to continue doing that same bloody thing for all these years? What turned you all away from the other game modes, like Team Deathmatch, Battle Royale, and Siege? Or even any of the other TD maps like oldschool or station 1?

    Heck, I don't even know what Warfare is or does because I have never seen it. Not even once.

    I miss the days where I could just hop on and get a DM or siege going any day of the week. or just SOMETHING that wasn't SO or ST2, or both. I was barely in my 20's back then.

    Keep in mind this game came in 2007 and it was looking dated even for that time. The graphics were simple because it was also supposed to be a PSP game as well. Not to mention, character customization and "representation" back then wasn't as common in multiplayer games as it is nowadays.

    To top it all it, it was a korean company making it for their own market.

    If they have started changing the way how costumes works in mid development, they would be just creating more work for themselves if have to redo all of the existing sets.

    You're making it really hard for me to crudely complain in hindsight about this game when you keep bringing up fair and relevant points that merit discussion.

    Stop it.

    Yeah, that will definitely be a quality of life change. I was always wondering why they never gave it sound cue for getting hit by it even though it is already very loud while shooting.

    One of the Netspheres' many great mysteries. Perhaps improving much needed quality of life aspects of s4 may help more than any of this weapon debate thus far. It kinda feels like debating how to fix a rickety house on a collapsing sandbank.

    Heck, I think i'd wanna start a thread about QoL suggestions if I wasn't so lazy.

    You know what I want from HMG more than anything else? A sound indicator for when i'm being hit by it, just like almost every other weapon. Balance be damned, I haven't heard myself ever getting hurt by it since day 1. Before they do anything else, i'd think they should fix that first at least.

    I'm gonna have to go with Cannonade. It definitely is not the best, but it's been my go-to since the beginning, if only because I am a stubborn fool. It feels good, sounds good, and dang satisfying to crit someone with splash damage, or push them out of their killing stroke of me or someone else.

    Soo.. Can I ask you to draw my character? Pls! :D

    If it's ok for you, you can DM me here or on the S4 League discord server to discuss the details.

    But don't worry, it's ok to say no if you don't want to or you don't have the time. You don't have to force yourself. ;)

    In truth, I'd love to do commission work again. Gotta start somewhere to pick myself up and get back out there, and you just might be my first step toward it. Ye, i'll DM you.

    Very beatiful ♥ , i want see more in the future! Alice5

    Thank ye kindly, stranger. You probably will.

    2nd one is badass

    Thanks, my guy. I think I am badass too.

    Wow so cool lovlygirl How much time did you spend on both drawings?

    Thanks, friendo. Probably about 4 hours for the first one, and about 16 or more hours for the second one. The second one took so long because of experimentation, and a lot of incessant looking for details I missed.

    Thank ye kindly. And no, I don't, sadly. But not for a lack of trying. All my attempts in the past to open commissions ended up fading into obscurity.

    Unless someone directly asks for it, I don't bother anymore.

    Really cool stuff. Keep it up.

    Don't tell me what to do!

    (thanks m8)

    Dunno what the convention of artposting is for this forum, so i'll just post new stuff I paint as I go in this thread.

    I haven't made s4 art in years, but the itch to do so again has been real for the past half year ish.

    Made this a few months ago for my guy Zerohorse.

    My main setup. Just finished painting it today. Been meaning to paint this for years, but never did till now.

    I don't actually use the Crow CS, but dang I wish I did because it fits so well with my style.

    That's it for now, folks. Stay tuned for more. Maybe.

    Netsphere enthusiast "Muru" Murumancer delivering his famous speech,

    moments before his assassination. ( March 6, 2019, Neden-J, Netsphere, Colorized)

    "I have a dream that one day we will live in a Netsphere where we will not be judged

    by the scores of our touchdowns, but by the content of our playstyles." -Murumancer

    From the company that brought you Rail&Bail, now proudly presents to you


    Order now while supplies last.

    sorry guys i dont mean to offend anyone but there are like 4 new sets added 15 hours ago or less and the deadline was two days ago. I just think its not fair, I know some people didnt had much sleep just to respect the deadline..

    To be fair, no local region time for reference was given beyond a date range. It was still August 1st for me in the western world while it was already the 2nd for European countries by about an 8 hour overlay, give or take depending on region. I needed that time. If the event mods want to be forceful about deadlines, they should have at least given a regional date & time, then locked the forum the minute it was over based on that.

    IGN: Murumancer

    Submission: Rustic Knight



    EDIT: updated artwork. I was not happy with the previous version. Current Version has complete front view, back view still WIP but discernible. Running out of time so I am posting what I have of my revision.

    Dunno if I can edit my post after the August 1st deadline, but I would like to finish this.


    S4 has a distinct lack of old & chivalrous Knights that would embark on a holy crusade to drive the Hackers from Netsphere.

    Glorious Deus Vult memes aside I like the idea of a knightly order somehow getting their way into the Netsphere. They would see the netsphere as their holy land and the hackers, glitches, and other 'abominations' as a blight upon their sacred ground. Everybody loves to hate a zealous cult.

    I plan on making some more detailed depictions of some other parts if time allows.

    Good luck to the other contenders. You godless heretics.

    Current Version:

    S4L char design contest 2018 revision 2.jpg

    Independent details:

    S4L char design contest 2018 accessories & details.jpg

    Older Version:

    S4L char design contest 2018.jpg