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    It doesn't work for me anymore q.q I can play Scenario only

    Edit: Just my main account has this problem

    Yup. It doesn't work anymore. Maybe it was just luck yesterday. q.q

    Unfortunately I have the same issue with both of my accounts.

    Maybe could be a specific item that you have equipped.

    Hm, maybe. But I tried out various characters, sets and weapons and I couldn't notice any pattern yet. It seems like it's totally random, when this bug occurs. :/

    I wonder why it's only a few of us, having this problem. I mean...there must be something that we have in common, right?

    I reinstalld the game today, but unfortunately it doesn't fix the issue.

    If I play Scenario and leave again I can join any room without any problems @.@

    I tried this out as well and it actually works for me too. Well, at least for three Matches, then it happend again.

    But it's still something! : D

    Ingame name: Mochi.*

    Submission: Laser Cat Girl

    Submission: Burst Shotgun Mk2 Boy

    I'm not sure, if this idea is against the rules or not, 'cause, as you can see, it is inspired by weapons they are already in game... so idk. But it was fun doing it anyway.

    Still, I really like these costumes and I hope you enjoy them too. :))