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    I remember there was a green version of the Angel Padding boy and girl set as well as a green version of the Winter/Sweet bear set. It was on one of the older tier spenders back in 2016. I wish they brought that back because I would have spent $$$ for extremely rare sets that can't be found in the shop.

    There are couple of pets like the Husky that are never in aeria shop nor is it in the ingame shop. I hope couple of those pets would be released in the future. There are pets like the Lucy pet featured in aeria shop and I hope they'll be in the ingame shop in the future.

    I have to agree on this as well. I seriously felt that if S4 League had great management, it would have been as popular as TF2 and would have been a decent esport game today. It's sad that this game turned into P2W with all the stupid enchantments and the failure to address the hacking issue, toxicity, and other issues like bad servers that causes disconnect and relay tunnel really hurt the game in the long run. I hate the fact that couple of players moved to private servers (which divides the playerbase even more), but I can understand why (as mentioned from the issues above).

    I still have a really strong desire to play the game as long as Aeria fix the problems. As a player who has played back in late 2008, I will never forget the joy I had playing S4 League when it was at its peak and the time when force packs weren't introduced. Till this day, I enjoy this game even more than the current popular team-based games like Overwatch, csgo, etc. It sucks that I can't play during peak times since I am from NA and it prevents me from playing due to the empty server.

    Did you seriously just compared Overwatch to S4 League?

    You said:

    "you surely can trust the overwatch developers and millions of overwatch players. Their developers made the same mistake in the early days as well and quickly learned why it is bad to remove a player's ability to move, doesn't matter for how long."

    Trust exactly what? Overwatch does have a good number of CC moves and the most recent hero they added which has CC is brigette. The developers in overwatch didn't get rid of CC. They still have CC. Overwatch success from this game is completely different; one is NOT paid to win while the other is.

    Also, I disagree. CC is necessary considering the fact that this game is at a faster pace than overwatch or any 3rd person game. I don't get mad when someone stuns me or knocks me out with swords. The game is designed to do that so people don't score easy touchdown. It's not like stun (PS) is completely brain dead either; you have to time it right or have to be cautious with CS's revenge. There are also risks when players use melee as well; if you are at far distance and are trying to kill the enemy with melee, chances are you will before you can hit since there are weapons like SMG and rev. Lastly, you can always juke you enemies you know? Anticipate when they are going to stun and don't fall in especially when you have SP and use the HG wall ride helps.

    I find bomb a huge problem since it has a huge field. Railgun is annoying too and as a person who used to love railgun, I really prefer if they can give us the old railgun where it did knockback.

    I assume you are talking about swords only mode but S4 League was primarily design to be with guns. I don't find melee stuns annoying at since I have a lot of leverage in unlimited mode.