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    As you can see, Karasakal's stream just ended. He spoke different times about how everyone agrees that the level system needs some changes, and he also said that the forum is the best way to talk about it.

    First we need to acknowledge that every change brought to the level system would only affect the low level players, and for that reason I would reset the level somehow reminding people that a certain person had reached a certain level in the past, and then I would introduce something like a 1-100 level with ranks like the one we have now but better rewards and most importantly impossible to farm. When you reach the level 100 you have the eSper rank and you can start over as an S1, level 100, s2, level 100, s3, pretty much like the prestige system Call of Duty has (which btw the PM mentioned during the stream) up to level 1000.
    I really believe it must be something hard to achieve because as of now there's way too many people that have reached max level, and that means that it's too easy to get it.

    Do you have better ideas / thoughts about an eventual level system like this?

    what ever kiddo. but I got bl on 1 account which I can stil play on :* <3 but I dont really care. you added fix blacklist to shut me up but that wont. what ever votes you get the cms will not follow it. saying there is a huge list of critical problems but only give 5-6 choices and half of them isn't even a critical problem.

    this is the final time I am gonna post on this useless post. and I said it to you on discord b4 but whatever.

    Because you clearly can't read. It's written, if you think critical problems are others then tell in the replies and I will add them, I only added the first 3 things that came to my mind, it's really as simple as that.

    You skipped it xD

    No, I added it later when I thought about it.

    it wasn't there but I like this HUGE list of critical issues that make the game unplayable like wallshooting and more customization lobby smth

    Other than the fact that I would appreciate if you stopped your childish crusade against me, the reason why they're listed is that maybe people who aren't blacklisted consider them priority. This post really is about making the game more enjoyable to most people as soon as possible, but it's clear that every single of these problems has to be fixed sooner or later.

    Fixing crashes should be highest priority but considering even the old devs couldn't fix them, it is probably not happening anytime soon.

    Well I just mean to give the staff a direction to go in, it is obvious that each and every one of these things must be done

    As I previously said in the Discord, I think the only good way to make this game great again for the players is to listen them. It is clear that there's a huge list of critical issues that can make this game unplayable at times, so why not just let players decide which one should be changed first? That's why I believe there should be a permanent poll where players can say what problem they have with the game, and in case it is a real problem people can agree to give it priority.
    If the staff doesn't want to make an official one, I would suggest to use this one. Please vote one of these or if you believe there's other problems tell about it
    PS: This is not intended to only fix something. It's intended to let the staff know what problem the game has and what to focus on first.


    It is clear that crowd control skills are heavily overpowered in this game but I disagree with the fact that they should be deleted. Bind for example is the only alternative to a sword for someone who wants to play with 3 guns or 2 guns and a dagger and deleting it would make that kind of setup impossible. Just stop the MK2 items and the huge spam.