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    Where do you see that? :o I have no problem at all with it.

    I don't like the show sailor moon - doesn't mean the character designs are bad. The hairballs (don't know what else I should call em) resembles the main character a bit (where I don't even know how she is called). Your character design is really well drawn and I also saw other works from you what I also like by the way. Never said you took any in game references only that there are some resembles.

    Edit: And I don't really feel like having a discussion in this thread :*

    I‘m sorry B3mo , i meant that in general. Thank your for your feedback, I really appreciate it! But I spent maaany hours drawing and creating this character and I'm kinda upset about feedback like “it’s the kitsune set, it’s even the same color” because it isn’t even the truth. Of course it can look similiar to others sets but where is the respect to the artist? I saw an entry here which looks like adorable girl in pink with the bunny Accessoire which already exits to me but did I say anything? (Btw good job i love it) No, because I know that artist has a goal and nobody knows how much time it took for him to make it. I hope you all know what i mean.

    Whatever I want to close this discussion.

    Well I also can see the resembles with the kitsune set + getting sailor moon vibes out of it xD

    I don't like sailor moon by the way so why do I get it....

    oh you have a problem with my entry I see

    By the way I didn’t take any references from Sets ingame, she is based on my own character. and well many sets are similar to each other like stadium girl, adorable girl, the other school girl and the sailor school girl or whatever she’s called. And I did many colors on her as u can see, the purple one is just the one I‘d prefer, and there are a lot of differences to the kitsune set.

    BY THE WAY, the costumers of S4 league would see those similarities and change them up, they won‘t take any set 1:1 from the concept. They are just ideas given, so don’t worry about it. ;)

    This is my sumbission. I'd call it the Moon Hunter Set, or Alyssa. I designed her for this Event. I had a little story for her, she's the ex best friend of Ophelia fighting against Lilith and i had soo many ideas for her and for some new weapons in that style. But i'm woking in RL aswell so i couldnt finish anything of it. But here is my final result, hope u like it.

    (I'd wish the feathers are animated while walking and running, like theyre falling)

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    Here is another entry. I had another idea for her.

    hope you like that one too.

    But this one i'd call ''Moon Mistress'' or ''Moon Princess''. :3



    Smash Rifle Concept Ideas

    (Feathers animated while shooting, they fall)