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    So I started playing this at the release of the sigma blade (don't remember the number of the season) but I remember back then the huge issue the game had with hacking, it was pretty much everywhere! (Why I stopped playing back then)

    The thing is that killing an online game isnt just one small piece of dirt but a huge stack of them.

    We had the game turning into pay2win.

    Then we had some good season patches, but then it started to drop on quality, season 1 and 2 were the only acceptable for me, as they would release actual content instead of skins-skins-buggedfreecontent, after that, it was just a train wreck.

    Season 3 blade wich was the one you got sigma and katana, I call it, Hakers Rain, because that was the time of the game where we had the most cheaters.

    Then we got Wonderland or how I call it, Wonderlag where it was almost impossible to play.

    Afterwards we got Alice or how I call it, The 3 great game killers.

    1-The coming of the skrip kids with their bots that crash everyone.

    2-The migration that was catastrophic for the game.

    3-And the egy invasion.

    ^ Then theres the things that either the devs or the publishers could help improve, but either took years to do it and most of the times they either failed or abandoned along the way with empty words of SOON.

    The new modes coming all bugged, some were impossible to play for months, even years.

    The level up rewards that took years to be updated to actualy help new players.

    Rigged contests/tournaments.

    Balance patches that took years instead of weeks to arrive.

    And the trash comunity with mommy issues.

    Regarding the issues that the people are saying above, plenty of people alwayed suggested fixes for them, the problem is that they got throw away into the trash bing.

    -sigh- turned this into another rant, oh well, I have been doing for like a decade, but so have the devs of this game in terms of failing.

    PS: Before you think of quoting me to defend shenanigans, I remind you that we are talking about a game that isnt even capable of getting its afk autokick back.

    Still waiting for those useless item caps that only give 1 day garbage and timed chip caps to be both removed.

    A few boosters on coupon shop wouldnt hurt either as I cant recall when it was the last time I had a booster... I think it was like 2 years ago...
    If the coupon shop simply gave those random weapon&cloth G caps, then coupon wouldnt be a dead currency.

    Also I got no idea what this thing that hime meant by "we know it is not possible.", dear, its only a matter of deleting the trash items and correcting a few codes, it aint that hard of a deal, but then again, we are talking about morons who are worst than your average modder.

    The thing is that there are solutions for most of these problems.

    First, there should be a way for a person who gets kick abused to at least report the person that started the kick, trust me on this, there is nothing like a timed ban to make sure brats stop kicking new players.

    Got no idea how many times people start kicking a player with the lowest score of their own team just because the enemy scored one touchdown.

    Second, this afk frenzy did not happen in the past that much, sure there was people that went afk, but that was mostly to be brb bathroom, answer phonecall or something like that, and there was actualy an autokick that kicked those who stayed afk for I think it was 3 min, unfortualy, -bip- devs removed it for no reason other than promote farming/afk.

    Third, then theres the weapon complaining, yes some people here will say that I am an hypocrit, but heck, with any bloody hell land as my witness, I lost count of how many times when I dont complain about weapons to only then have some -bip- complain about mine while they or their team is using something that might even be way worse. (Especialy when some ret@rd thinks that scoring with boots is easy when theres 3 railguns/bombs/other things defending, but then again, I dont even boost speed 99.9% of the time as my right mouse button is broken.)

    Fourth, theres one thing you havent mentioned, and thats the freezes.

    I host room, 1 or 2 friend join, we start match with only 2 or 3 people because this comunity doesnt know the meaning of joining a room before the start of a match.

    Then its

    FREEZE AS***E enters, AS***E leaves,

    FREEZE player 4 enter,

    FREEZE AS***E enter,

    FREEZE player 5 enter, AS***E leaves,

    player 4 DC,

    FREEZE player 6 enter,

    FREEZE AS***E enter,

    FREEZE AS***E enter,

    AS***E leaves,

    AS***E leaves,

    Match ends and player 5 leave.

    Me and the those who remain wait for more people and none joins

    Second match starts,

    FREEZE player 5 returns

    FREEZE AS***E enter,

    AS***E leaves,

    FREEZE AS***E enter,

    AS***E leaves,

    FREEZE player 4 returns

    Match ends and player 5 and 4 leave

    Third match, same repeats and 4 and 5 rejoin only after match starts giving more FREEZE AND FREEZE AND FREEZE.

    Did I wro-FREEZE-te too mu-FREEZE-ch and ruin yo-Freeze-ur rea-Freeze-ading of this sen-FREEZE-ten-FREEZE-ce. ?

    Well, now FREEZE you FREEZE know FREEZE how FREEZE I FREEZE feel FREEZE when FREEZE i FREEZE try Freeze to FREEEZE play FREEZE this FREEZE game.

    Welp, done here with my complains, cya in a few days.

    ps: You missed my temple-o map room a few days ago.

    Gratz to the winners, too bad the voting by comunity failed, wish this could have worked, but well, life aint a rainbow.

    While the winner wasnt the one I voted, I do wish people would do more like it was show, not the bad recording and editing but part where they include their voice.

    One thing for sure is that I will hate all the future forum events as they will remind me that my badge collection will never return to me.

    ps: Did not know you could not write "wish" before the word "it" on this forum.

    Nice one, too bad it being released on March, My apoligies, but you would be a terrible zerg player, you need to improve your timing.:Fumbi1:

    But, as many here know me, I am not here to fancy everything, nor to insult everything, so take the heat or leave thy kitcheen.

    I am happy to see that finaly, finaly you decided to stop being quiet and mention/advice players to stay away from those... Ill call them trashy programs.8)

    Second, GIMME THY BLUE HAMMER, no wait, what the frack am I saying.... Give me a golden hammer... no seriusly, poke that team of yours to make more skins.

    Third, I do hope and welcome both latin and asian comunities, as long as you include servers for them. X/

    Fourth, I am disapointed that theres still no news regarding clan system. (Yes no need to scream at me, I am clanless so what?) :whistling:

    Fifth.... I dont know what to say now, I think the removal of the repair system made me soft.... (please help)

    Sixth.. Wait now I remenber! :/ (Yup, getting senile...) when are you fixing the entry freezes? :cursing:

    I enjoyed reading this one, also tell them to not be shy, pump out more skins to make this game more beautifull as long as you also care about giving free content once in a while, once again, more skins.:Fumbi2:

    PS: fix le entry freezes


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    Time to act like IGN

    :Fumbi1:Rating of this letter, 3/5 Not enough fumbis on it. :Fumbi2:

    So what does he mean in this situation? That they must choose the winner and we accept the result?

    Trial and error? :/

    Just let them try this one, if it works to the negative side, then they can return to the old way or try something new.

    Edit: And if they keep doing the same thing knowing its failing, just grab a torch and join the witchhunt.

    S4 should never have been a P2W. Just a Pay for Skin.

    I dont think that would work, people think that pay for skin is easy, but it isnt unless the game has a huge population like league of legends.

    I think that the current AP shops would not survive without the P2W.

    I think a free4play s4 + a loyalty subscription program where you get bunch of perms+large quantidy of pen and other items every month could work well.

    If the subscription+expansions worked with wow, then it could have worked with s4 when it was at its peak.

    You just want to be a GM for that? Will you travel to Germany for that?

    Minimun salary, pay me the ticket plane and first month rent/being close to the HQ so I can walk everyday to work and I wouldnt mind doing it so.

    I wouldnt even mind doing extra hours as long as I have a free day per week.

    This thread just reminds me of how balance patches are slower than an extremely elder person trying to cross the street.

    Wish you would include all weapons, skills, chips, s5 and possible full max stats.

    Also keep in mind that not all weapons are suposed to be dmg focus, some weapons are for cround control, others for 1v1, some to stun, some stationable, others focus on speed and mobility.

    I'd wanna see more weapons with alternate sound effects like how the Curious Cat Fists were done. Preferably humorous sounds, like a Fart Airgun (Shouldn't have to say what sound this makes).Toy Hammer (That squeaks annoyingly when you hit people), etc.

    Thats kinda what I expected when we had that dolphin anchor, it would be so cool if it would make a dolphin sound every time you use it. :/

    Hey guys, I have to make some changes as there were some very recent (read: yesterday) news : ( If it seems to be dragging we'll release the EN version first and bring the others when we can.

    PS: Can I be a GS too? Do I get free stuff?

    :Fumbi1:GS is overrated, GM is thy best, I mean, havent you checked that sexy GM set? Nothing better than in s4 than wearing those clothes.:Fumbi2:

    This is turning offtopic, lets solve it on s4 discord or ingame before a GS or a GM come close this thread x)

    ps: You are free to say your opinion and I dont mind planning a few matches, I am normaly on discord s4-eu chat, also I expected the bomb but not the sigma part. :D

    Uhhh to get back on topic.


    Kinda disliking how this is turning into "group A wants voting by comunity and group B doesnt want it"

    I am kinda in the between, as much I enjoy to see this contents being voted by us players.... the problem is that... well... like the game, the forum also has way less users than before, and many of s4 players dont use the forums, ence making it easier for some to get a mass voting number by bringing in their friends.

    -sigh- cant even think how to properly explain it, overrall, I wish this voting would actualy happen ingame so that every player could vote.

    I mean... its like... country A is electing a president, it can be fair, but suddenly out of nowere one of the candidates brings in people from country B who can vote for him who turns into a large % the population of country A.

    Yup, I am confusing to understand.

    yes but im talking about implementations like literal new guns and stuff like those im not talking about having the access to the current stuff in the game im talking about the rights to adding/change stuff on the game

    And I am talking about content that they can easily comunicate with the devs to make changes.

    There has been plenty of custom made events that the devs made only to what aeria requested, also there was actualy events where the devs changed its content only to our version because they were asked to by the publishers.

    The daily limited items you get from nowadays events is only something that was implemented recently a few years ago by the request of aeria in order to try not having 100% farm rooms all the time.

    Heck there has been a countless barrage of threads in the old forums years ago with just the players, gs and gm trying to improve everything regarding this game, and some of those changes made into the actual game.

    There was also those contests where the winning contests got their stuff into the game, either by skins, weapons and login screen wallpapers.

    So yes, the publisher (aeria) does have some influence.

    This topic is about changing the stats of a weapon (actualy reversing it) and not creating new weapons/modes/maps wich can be way more complicated.

    Aeria can easily tell them to revert railguns changes.

    You think they removed repair system, improved lvl rewards and gave login rewards because they thought of it? pff, people like me have been requesting these improvements for almost a decade ago.

    The devs thought of the achievement system? and the book system? ahahahah.

    Heck, who do you think that had the idea of having monthly tiered AP systems, promotion caps, special caps and the newbie starter pack? Ill tell you, it wasnt the publishers nor the devs.

    Have you noticed the items in the normal ap shop ingame are now buyable as permament? Guess who had that idea, the forum s4 comunity.

    I do still wonder who made the patch on the third day of the chrismas event years ago (either 2012/2013) was it aeria or the devs? (I think at that time it was a different name, p7s or something like that) where for the first 3 days you could win 25 caps in a match... it was insane, not only because of the rewards, but also how fast they patched the event.... that was one of the rare times where the publishers had magically comunicated so fast with the devs into actualy doing something.

    Overrall, some here are problably thinking that I wrote too much, I do wish people would stop with the "aeria should fix the game" while they are not the devs, but I would also want the "aeria doesnt have anything to do with what happens in this game ingame" to stop.

    Players need to realize that both devs and publishers have power over their game, my biggest example, would be EA games (Before you complain, I never said I had a good example.)

    But in the end, my main issue with this topic, is that we are expecting the same morons that deleted old moon and turned boots into the fastest weapon to properly fix rail gun... X/

    I just want oldmoon back, it was the only decent chrismas map, also thy only good captain map as in the other two either people bug abuse, trow people off map and bring some shenanigans speed weapon like boots/handgun/dagger and keep running/hidding.

    rustygarden... not sure why people want that map back, it was broken, you only needed one -bip- smart*** full of himself that knows the jumps and the match would be over in seconds.

    So in that aspect, I would prefer for rusty garden to be remastered.

    Actualy, this is pretty much the reason most people play chaser circle, td station-2 with meele and extreme limited weapons/rules. Because they are smart*** who problably play every other game on easy difficulty.

    I mean, chaser circle meele so you can easily trow chaser off map.

    Station-2 meele to have no hard issues into scoring.

    Another example is also tunnel meele td, the most trash match type I have ever seen, I got lots of insults for wearing boots, but then the hypocrits of cpds simply use dagger boost speed and score, ence why you will see plenty of -bip- with pictures of them scoring while they are wearing dagger with their enemies far away.

    Those are the easy maps/modes, in my time, people would enjoy circle-2 chaser unlimited because it was fun and insane especialy when the chaser had anchor or wings, or taking a round in the forest or temple.

    I mean... just look at it, if you compare the most played maps with the others that arent used, you will see a pattern, most s4 players will always go with the most simple/easy/casual map.

    And before some disclaimer that doesnt know me, comes quoting me, you should already know that people know me for not having dumb rules and hosting rotation map/mode rooms if I happen to be RM.

    Also, some here seem very angry about the quantidy of meele rooms, while I do agree to some extent because the dumb -bip- devs have not put a way for us to list rooms by unlimited and yet the cancer spam can do it with meele, I remind you that most meele rooms with the exeption of chaser are also tiny compared to the unlimited rooms.

    I just cant tell whats the fun in doing 2v2s all the time, but then again, we live in a time where -bip- think that mobas require more skill than rts games and that nowadays mmorpgs have rpg in them.

    Heck, how many in the current active comunity has the big sack of Ba*** to host a 16 player room nowadays?

    Kinda bothersome how some people started to say that aeria is the publisher and not the dev while no1 said this otherwise...

    Also, even if aeria doesnt have full power as some say in here, they do have some power, pretty sure there was situations in the past that can prove this statement.

    Anyways, still waiting for rail to get fixed. (And possibly boots too)

    Would prefer stuff like bind/bomb trolling, joking around the goal a bit before scoring, taking your sweet time killing an enemy, doing an emote in middle of battle.

    In this its just... run with dagger and score.

    A1: Not have anything.

    A2: Big pet so I can use it as a mount.

    A3: Get 5k AP a day.

    A4: Chaser since that option has more maps.

    A5: 8v8

    A6: TD would die to me if that happened.

    A7: Go to lvl 1

    A8: 3 Weapons

    A9: Laggers

    A10: 5% booster

    A11: Yes

    A12: Yes

    A13: Fingers

    A14: Remenber/play S4.

    A15: When


    Would you rather be a powerfull mutated ghoul with monstrous claws that produce a virus wich will infect any enemy, turning them into ghouls (not the childish anime ghoul version in tokyo ghoul) or a weak but smart undead goblin necromancer who can rise other undead?

    Hey guys,

    I aimed the letter for the end of month (ie today or so) but I had to change a lot of it, had a lot of extra work due to issues and got sick on top of it.

    I'll still try to get it this week and do my best to keep it monthly.

    Dont worry, take your time, but be reasonable in the time that you will take for it, I am sure nobody will rush you.


    Ah, not yet! Get underground!

    -pats a small creature that rose up at the rush word-

    Agreed and still waiting for the nerf.

    If the devs had proper functioning brains, they would have put this new RG in the gun section along with rev and shotgun.

    Because they turned rail into a broken shotgun.

    Also, what is up that bugged reloading? I am tired of these dumb bugs allowing for weapons to do Deux EX machina things, do they keep forgeting that this is a pvp game and not one of those garbage asian slash rpg games?

    Now its time to wait for that X kid to quote me and say how skillfull it is to use the "lets cheat reload of this sniper weapon and use it as a machine gun" while comenting that my boots or mk2 bombs require less skill.

    (That will problably be the same kid that thought the handgun autoaim, previous CS and bomb suicide was "balanced")

    The skins are not bad, but the breaker... that one was suposed to come into shop a week ago since valentine is gone already, perfect for little teka.

    The timing of these releases are realy terrible... the point of releasing something related to a theme is that you play using during the time of the theme.

    Wish they would properly release this type of content at the right time.

    I do wonder what they mean by

    "Lucky Capsules filled with new and old gems

    will be awaiting you this month. "
    Would like more info about this.

    Overall, the return of passmode is pretty much just a filler so the patch doesnt seem as much "dead" as it is.