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    this is why there is a rule that allows jump rooms to be made..coz of ppl like you who cant stand others playing in a diff manner and situation

    Hey kid, where did you pick that thing out? this rule that allows jump rooms was something that was discussed years ago between the gms, gs and forum users over a thread that lasted a long time where everyone tried together to find a way to stop the mass farming and mega laziness of people who dont even wanted to play this game. (instead they just sat in the room doing nothing while getting xp and pen)

    Where did you pick that "cant stand others playing in a diff manner and situation?", so if in league of legends all 10 players stay around on their spawns simply typing on the chat or walking around, would it count as playing?

    I was one of those that agreed for the GMs to implement the rules and accept the jump rooms, but hell, I am so disapointed that I agreed as that cancer spreaded troughout the entire game. Now we got players who have 90% of their gameplay on a jump room, seriusly, dont you know this is suposed to be a futuristic pvp game?

    Stop being so ignorant, we all know that jump rooms are acceptable if followed on the right way, even before these stupid room titles appeared, people created private rooms to train, but they wouldnt do it 24/7.

    Are you blind? have you not noticed the mass ammount of jump rooms? Are you realy sure that people dont want to farm xp/pen there?

    And dont quote me with the "Im a special snowflake, I cant handle bullets or stun, I dont wanna play a real match even after I reach max level because I cant jump stairs".

    Learning on jump rooms is like saying youre good on OS when you actualy only play cpdb.

    The thing is, jump rooms were suposed to be the warm up training before the real training and not the bloody core game.

    In order to enforce a ban of all jump rooms there would have to be several active GMs in game at all times. We once had a thing where we were to stop all farm rooms and all the players would do is make a new room and keep trying until it works.. Some people just go to the inactive servers with no GM presence. There is no way to enforce a ban of all jump rooms.

    Thats easy to solve, give those people 3 chances, after that its a 1 day ban, then a 3 day ban, and by the third time its perma ban.
    Because in the end, thats the only true thing that keeps players on every online game in check, baning.

    Okay, fine by me.

    And dont use that "they are necessary for people to learn jumps", people who wanted to learn jumps would make a private room with a friend or 2 to train up.

    And only nowadays that people care about room titles, years ago people didnt even read titles or knew of their existence, everyone played as they wanted, and not sure how saying that I cannot use X weapon or making me not playing is a fun thing.

    So I cannot ruin their fun, but they can ruin mine because a title that none cared about years ago?

    Hard true or false to answer....

    I love cod and tuna, (bacalhau e atum) but I also love cookie cake and pudim of caramel! (cookie cake=bolo de bolacha)

    For some reason I now feel like eating russian salad.... (salada russa)

    The next person likes cookie cake. (google "bolo de bolacha" if you dont know what I mean by cookie cake)

    All true points, but its still fun to play on those maps and nothing is better than a change of scenery.

    I might agree that station-2 might be the map for newer players to learn how to play, but I am not talking about only new players and even if I did, shouldnt newbies eventualy try other maps and slowly learn about them?

    I havent played in a while before i logged in just now, I played 3 rounds, they were fun, the funny thing is that the title of the room was jumproom, but when I got in, I casualy killed people, none complained and the rounds stopped being jump rooms, it was fun and very casual. (And it was also a meele room too)

    I now can only play at 4am-7am because thats when I get home, but theres barely any rooms... its all jump or cpd, before I cried about not having unlimited rooms, now I cant even find normal meele rooms.... Geez, this game is "hard to play"...

    So just because the maps are hard means they are badly designed?

    "Maps where rushing is too strong of a strategy" Do pls tell me how this does not apply to station-2

    So to you, icesquare is worst because its more hard to score?

    Viable paths? Dont most maps have 2 viable paths like station 2? (Without the use of flying and anchor)

    Pff, and station-2 is not repetitive at all. :Fumbi1:

    I do agree that highway could use a few tweaks.

    And regarding BR, I dont see how trying to deny your biggest threat of points or kill stealing is an issue, last time I checked, this mode is a free4all.

    But then again, even on other trashy team games, kids tend to complain about kill steals. (Especialy mobas, what a cancer this matter is to them)

    I kinda despise the Devs as the game got eventualy worse over the years despite having some good content released from time to time.

    Because lets face it, the games history had alot of terrible updates.

    The balance of weapons taking years to arrive, the hacker infestation on blade season were 1 third of the players were cheating (ence why i call blade season hackers rain), the times that the game unplayable for months like alice wonderlag or the chrismas crash.

    The lack of map implemetation for modes. (How many years did it took for them to finaly put some dm maps as BR? that even with that, they couldnt do proper spaws)

    The clan system becoming worse and worse every time the devs touch them, I once loved making clans, fighting other clans and doing clan rooms where we wouldnt stack, we simply would have 3 or 4 members on each team, there were times where i had to expand the rooms to 16 players to hold everyone in, but even with that, I still had a staff to create a second room, geez, those sure were the golden times for me on s4.

    Also the newer modes that were massive bugged...

    The part were there was no dumb rules and the farm rooms werent such a plague everytime there was an event.

    Even I loved SO, my friends would always say why I loved doing SO BR so much with my black PS with gold dragon.

    And those saying theres no other reliable map other than station-2... I guess you are new on this game...

    What about old school? station1 and 3? templeM? colosseum? highway? All these maps are realy fun!

    And what about wonderland and ice square? Those can be fun too, heck, ice square to me, is the fun st2 map.

    Have you ever played side-3? that can be fun from time to time too, yes I agree that it can be the hardest map on TD, but it doesnt make it less fun.

    And in the right hands, BR can be realy competitive, its true that the top player can get killed at the last second by the second top player.

    But the thing is, there is always a way to win! many people who get on top1 always forget that they can die on purpose aggainst a low point enemy instead of being killed by the top 2 or 3!..... Well, thats my strategy on BR when im on top1, get kills and try to get killed by those with less points when im on low hp or if the enemy is too strong for me.

    And I disagree on momma this time, I love when peopl bring walls to chaser, thats the time where my katana shines!

    As Zeke said "Maybe you are just angry with the game/devs and this is your way of expressing this frustration"

    I agree, my anger is limitless, but the same applies to my patience, this is why I still post on these forums.

    -sigh- The part that without the "discout" says that a booster costs 9999 AP...

    Geez... Just imagine if you used that money on steam instead... heck since theres a discount... just imagine how many games you could buy on steam when theres those mass discounts on summer/winter...

    Very relaxing.

    My alarm clock

    My sleeping beauty

    6am, youre outside with nothing but shorts, a cig and you just lay down, staring at the beautifull moonlight acompanied by the stars and ocean.

    I think its possible to turn the lvl up system into something fun, but something should be done to the xp bonus and the farming first. (Also bring back auto afk kick)

    How about a new type of lvl system while using some of the old lvl system at the same time? Also why not use some other features and conbine them with the lvl system?

    Heres an example.

    Put in the 100 lvls and make sure the lvls give decent rewards.

    But now lvl up takes a long time and some people might get bored of it! What to do? why not something thats divided in seasons?

    3 months would be a season, 4 seasons per year, players would play and at the end of the season, the ammount of xp they got will put them on a rank.

    For the example of ranks, I will use bronze, silver and gold.

    If a player at the end of X season gets bronze, if he is s4, his icon wont be just a s4 icon, but a bronze s4 icon, he can also get a bronze tag that lasts for a season. (Then silver and gold would give better bonus)

    Also, why not turn the xp earned into pen at the end of the season? (You would still get pen after matches)

    With this, not only there would be different ranks, but the ranks itselves would also be divided into 3 ranks.

    Also, why not make the xp something that is awarded in the correct amount to the player by how they played the game? Sometimes it is so random or theres barely any difference from the worst and the best players.

    And the silver and gold ranks would be of course for example, silver for top 51-199 players and gold for top 50 players. bronze could be the top 200-300. (This would be top 300 of just one rank)

    To be honest, s4 league is one of those games that could work with the xp being the free ingame currency.

    Actualy, I always thought it was kinda stupid for shooters to have xp and money bars seperated unless its an rpg shooter where you actualy have to loot the enemy for money.

    Sorry I am terrible at explaining this, but it would be cool to see something like this ingame.

    I mentioned the tags, but you can also include some of the cards reward skills or coupons rewards like the stacks of 15/30 capsas, as currently these are outdated features that havent been updated in years.

    That kid did mention something reasonable, as there seems to be some patern in some of the entries.

    While it's the best that it's a free theme, there seems to be a common theme heavily imposed on the females.

    There were a few asweome entries like the knight, the steapunk set, the ninja and 2 punk themes on the male side.

    Heck! Someone even posted alucard/vash jacket!

    Then, we had 6 people that did not follow the nowadays trope of s4 female characters.

    DonutPuff* - gym girl (And your second entry is a rolerblading electrician girl? Nice!)

    Manel - white punk girl

    adanl98 - basquetball and farmer girl

    CoopaKid - steampunk sets

    LeoArticFox - crow girl

    And that someone who made the weeb girl with short skirt.

    But regarding the rest of the female entries, they look pretty much the same to me, it's either mk2 space theme or that boring dress that my sister would wear when she was 12....And the males... arent like a fourth or a third of them mk2 theme too?

    Overrall, most entries are asweome, and no, I didnt count hella in the mix above because that is like comparing an encyclopedia to a book that teaches you that the alphabet has twenty-six letters.

    Like the best blizzard booty once said, toodles.

    "Since stuns (binds) are heavily more used than any other skill or attack in the game, they are by definition unbalanced."

    So because a majority of players likes to use X weapon or Skill makes it unbalanced? jesus... Then Overwatch has to remove female characters.

    This guy is complaining that stun is OP in meele... meele! Seriusly... that mode would actualy be totaly broken without stun as theres no ranged weapon/skill and the only thing you need to do is get passed by the enemy with a dagger or boots.

    Nowadays the only decent defense in meele is to stun the enemy, because of the heavy buffs of HP and SP, either that, or 1/2 hit kill weapons.

    This is why I havent login in a long time... I got these kids complaining about these easy things, have you ever done a 1v4? Have you ever faced the current RL? How about a good stacked team?

    At first I thought you were talking about the railgun and bombs, on wich I belive they can still need a few small balance chances, sames applies to some other weapons, but you are seriusly complaining about meele in OS? is PS stun that hard to dodge? Or do you enjoy to hug close iron fist player? No wait! you must be complaining how CS is able to block and stun aggainst some weapons! Right?

    Bah, Im done with this thread unless I wanna farm a few more posts, while good suggestions are welcome, stuff like removing content thats been around for years and years is basicly killing the game, whats next? Want to remove the soundtrack? Remove the first sets? Delete the maps with the exeption of station-2?.

    I mean... read again what you wrote.... you are seriously suggesting to remove stuff like bind and ps stun from the game... Thats like asking to remove an iconic character from overwatch. Heck, since you brought overwatch to this thread of a game thats completly different from it, Ill tell you this, what happened if Blizzard removed your 3 most favorite overwatch characters, just because someone had said they cant deal with them?

    And regarding your "The entire match revolves about not getting stunned." Thats like saying harry potter revolves about not getting hit with a spell, lord of the rings not getting the eagles to fly into murdor and overwatch not being about not getting shot and killing the enemies not completing X objectives.

    You don't have to trust me, but you surely can trust the overwatch developers and millions of overwatch players. Their developers made the same mistake in the early days as well and quickly learned why it is bad to remove a player's ability to move, doesn't matter for how long.

    Koreans used too much micro, so blizzard should remove micro from starcraft 2 as the rest of the world with a few exeptions cant beat them.

    Max levels in world of warcraft are too broken, blizzard should nerf so that all levels are the same so that everyone is level 1.

    The characters on league of legends, dota and heroes of the storm have some skills that are hard to handle or easy to use, so lets ask the companies to have only 1 character.

    CS sniper guns are too OP, riffles are too OP, handguns are OP, grenades are OP, lets remove everything so that everyone can play fair with only knives.

    Lets remove guns from star wars because theres lightsabers.

    Lets remove alien races from star trek because we already got humans.

    Lets remove base building from rts games because people cant handle it.

    Lets remove mods from games, because some people are too dumb to know how to use them.

    Since you suggested to removed stun, then lets also suggest to remove sp, because why do you need sp if you dont need to dodge your enemy?

    It is not like it is their fault for the devs dropping the development of the game completely lol.

    It is not like they could have started this years ago instead of letting those -bip- holding the game for such a long time.

    And when I say those -bip- I mean those -bip- that replaced the original devs years ago only to break half the game and release more bugs than fix anything.