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    Well, not much has changed so if you have enjoyed it before you left, you will enjoy it now as well.

    We got a new GUI and the repair system is removed so you don't have to repair your perms anymore.

    Thank you so much for that information! ^^ It helps a lot. Yes, I enjoyed a lot the time I spent playing S4 League so I think there won't be any problem with that ^^.

    Hey welcome back!

    Well I would say if you still like the game I would try it out again.

    Thanks for answering! Yeah of course, I will try it out again but I wanted to know how is the community, servers, etc at the moment. However, as I said before, I will play again to see what I find ^^. Thank you so much again.

    Hi everyone! ^^ I played S4 League few years ago, I think I started in Dark Lightning If I can remember clearly, but I stop playing in Neo Neo NetSphere I think.

    My question is : How is the game right now? It Is worth to start playing? How many players are online per day?.

    Nice to meet you all and have a nice day <3