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    You can do that while playing. I mean, how long are you going to need those help wheels before you start driving a bike?

    Also I hate to spoil it for you but killing stuff > jumping

    dont stick your personal preference on others.every person has their own way of learning if doing it practically is your way so be it but dont say that will apply to every single person.

    There is difference between practicing and doing only jump rooms all the time.

    It makes you looks like some grandpa irl who is trying to master running on old age if you are s4 rank and you still need to train.

    yeah if you're s4 rank you dont need to train?i've been s4 on multiple accounts and i dont even know how to do half the jumps but im good at hitting ppl from doing the jumps,so am i not a master?it makes no sense for all the s4 rank players to know all the jumps and doing it perfectly.there is playstyle difference for each individuals you're just grading everyone into 1 single group which is super trick tryhard jumpers.s4 rank doesnt mean you know everything in the game.its simply a rank it does not show your experience or inexperience on the game.what would you say if you were to go away for 2 years and comes back on an s4 rank account?would you not join a jump room to get the rust off?or would you join one to see how much rusty you've gotten over the years of not playing s4? ranks means nothing.i can tell you that.i've met dozens of real amateurs who can do jumps better than me,am i not supposed to be s4 rank now?why cant ppl only do jump rooms all the time?its a game,purpose of a game is to let ppl entertain themselves by playing it,they can do what they like to in any game,why do you want to put a limiter on the entertainment they get from just jumping?they're not harming the game they're just simply trying to have some nice time in their day and you're going to say no to that?pls just let the jumpers be.they like jumping so let them be its not like exp has anything to do with the game like an mmorpg.its just some exp for almost nothing other than having some minor rewards for jokes since they'll almost never use it

    Except no one does that in those rooms and even if so how many years do you need to practice that jump? And even if you actually master it, you will still fail tons of times because of outside factors.

    thats what the practice is for.reducing the chances of failing and perfecting it.why do you think circus performers trained for 10+yrs and still is training?

    What do you need those jumps for if you can't use them in a hostile environment?

    why do you bother trying something you've never done before and telling other to do it perfectly when those who've mastered it can barely do it themselves?why cant we get jump rooms to make it like 70% success rate and then go into a real match to test out the jumps you've practiced so it would actually have some success instead of trying hopelessly,slipping 99% of the time?you're like telling a 7yr old kid to go do some doctoring works and telling him to fully cure the sickness of the patient,what do you expect from that?why dont you send the kid to school,get some knowledge first then do the doctoring works instead of sending him to kill the patient instead of curing him?

    Sooo what stops you from doing it in actual match? It is not like FM mode doesn't exists, you know in case you care about stat that much.

    so do you want to find a match where everyone tries to kill you and disrupting you doing every single jump? and jump rooms are usually fm anyway what makes you think that is there for? its for jump rooms/ppl who cares abt win/loss w.e the case is

    First, you practice in a safe environment, then you start raising the stakes. That's how people learn pretty much EVERYTHING.

    see he gets it

    That's funny; it sounded as if you were hinting at that those players would leave their chill rooms to actually play.

    are you talking about td or dm rooms?

    How many years do you actually need to master a jump (as if someone actually does that in those rooms)?

    yes ppl do do tricks in those rooms if im not blind for the last few years i've seen majority of the rooms i've joined to be actual jump not afk rooms? at least for td rooms idk abt dm

    have you ever played unlimited before?

    lets be real here.

    The the jump rooms only serves as an excuse to get easy exp while doing something outside the game.

    If people actually wanted to learn, there is no better teacher than playing the actual game. Not to mention the ppl who makes those rooms are usually veteran players. What else they have to learn from those jump rooms?

    learning to master the tricks? can you do every single trick in the book in 1 try without warm ups? whats wrong with jump rooms? its a place for ppl to practice and warm up their tricks on certain maps i dont see a problem with that

    I started playing in 2010, I was a semipro(35) when I did all the GM work I used to do. When the Rank changed over I became Pro and I hit S4 on that after about 4-5 years of play. I don't play as much as I used to, but it would be nice to have something to work for again aside from overpowering my gear. The important thing in my head is how to prevent AFK farming and Farming in general.

    isnt there like an afk auto kick timer before? or maybe i saw it from another game's forum im not sure

    CS already got nerfed hardly in damage terms years ago because it was both OP in unli + sword. Right now the weapon is fine in unlimited so why should they nerf it again ? It would make it useless unless you are using it to flydodging, Right now it stills a good defensive weapon which allows you to make interesting things without being OP. As i said, in unlimited.

    im speaking of nerf in its "revenge" its literally full stun defense not "counter" change it so that it works in a different manner without the stun i dont see why it has a stun to begin with.

    most of the swords only community wont even consider it since they use it way too much and never want a nerf on it. have wall push + stun + high move speed + defensive barrier with close to no downside other than being a little bit slower i dont know why they havent nerfed it yet.

    They said They were working on the B11 issue I guess.
    Blacklisting players and sealing them from Joining rooms is a different issue as far as I know.
    and Yea I got blacklisted today as well

    welcome to the club i guess?

    I think i'm not the only thinking that

    doesnt matter if you're thinking like that or not facts are facts unless you're going to help,complains do no good at all since it does not help in any way or form. this is not a complain zone file a ticket for that on gamigo support. this is a place where we question and provide support to others that are in need and providing feedbacks and way to improve for the game in the future

    Cuz they don't give any fack

    they took over the development completely few months back so unless you're going to help them develop the game or you have any kind of knowledge about it you would not say such words :) go google it i think thats a good way to find out how much work that is just to implement something simple as fixing a single bug that you're mentioning

    I’m blacklisted for the last 36 days and our lovely staff members didn’t say anything about the situation yet

    i think i saw somewhere that they said they're working on it i think?not sure though can any staff confirm the statement on that i dont want to assume too much

    the problem is most of the players in the "rookie channel" is smurfs and they cant even be teached by the better players just because of the level restrictions. Currently, it is simply a bad system for the newbies since they will never get to learn b4 getting kicked out 24/7,get cursed at and more. pretty much sums up the actual problem.

    so i can play in any other servers than eu1 whenever i enter a room instant relay terminate,so am i blacklisted?

    fyi : i was playing the whole day yesterday with no issues and it is not my internet.

    this will only be good if there was a competitive function for the game but since there is none right now i dont think its needed until everything else is fixed though this would be nice when there will be proper clan wars and tournaments and maybe ranking games that you can play with your friends and then it'll actually be something useful

    just go full naked already..its actually challenging and fun if you have your whole team doing it against full ap chip + good enchants just you would get rekt if they're any good xD

    right click, delete

    you mean uninstall

    i dont teleport around and im usually like 150-200ms and had stable ping unless my isp is messing with me or its pouring outside.if theres any trihards in the game i'd get kicked 9/10times just bcoz im from another part of the telling me to not play the game just because im from another part of the world?there used to be an asia server yrs ago b4 they terminated the contract.maybe its just me but can u retards just let those who arent teleporting around with some delay play the fuking game?i've been getting toxic comments in every room and i literally blocked like 80%+ of the community coz of their toxic way of talking to me just bcoz of me being on the other part of the world you geniuses