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    i think dual mastery just need a rework overall they're suppose to give less stats but give both stats at the same time not give both stats at almost 100% of 30hp and sp mastery.being unique and being op doesnt make a difference but if you've a skill that has 95% of the 1st and 60% of the 2nd why the hell would you not pick it?its like giving unique bind+25sp you think that would be good for the game?same to any other skills in the game i dont think the sp should be that high if its already a merged version of 2 skills

    I've been stating for years to no avail that if they want to rid the game of chill rooms to stop players from gaining EXP in a way they are not meant to get it, they should make a open lobby mode (kinda like how Freejack Online does) where players can make free lobbies to practice jumps, shoot & bash people as freely as they want to train without all the problems of people gaining ill-gained EXP. But hey, what do I know, I'm just some former Alaplaya GM who has some experience in game design. <_<

    just a suggestion for them in the future when they decide to make things better for the players as in their current state i doubt they have the time to implement that into the game lol but yes i agree with u :)

    i have the same problem too :) i blocked like half the server and since the blocklist includes in your community loading process,unless u have an insane computer,you get crashed like i do or if you're lucky it opens after some delay

    yes friends/blocked ppl is played into this issue

    about this,can there be a mode in the future that just allows chatting and casual duels among each other?sometimes i just want to chill and i dont even care abt xp or pen.just a suggestion for ppl who just like to chill in game

    from my experience,female char is just way better if you're going to be competitive at this game. hitboxes, the way they dodge and move is just way better and harder to aim at if you compare it to male characters

    have you ever thought why they're even stable?
    because :
    they are not publicly available
    they dont get attacked constantly by group of kids who tries to cheat the game
    they have way lower playerbase

    if you want to argue that they're stable still,idk what you're thinking

    what if they remove the track buff and replace it detect with track instead? or something like that that has a larger/full map coverage since its mostly the range thats limiting its usefulness and just most maps' layout tbh..

    isnt the caps delivered on time with an automated system tho? how would an automated system wrongly distribute caps..idk

    ofc you can't

    why cant i though?

    You will need to submit a screenshot of the challenge criteria being reached.

    - If there is more than one screenshot required, you MUST upload all the screenshots to a linkable album to submit with your contest entry (e.g. onto or

    - You are not allowed to edit your screenshot.

    - You can submit more than one entry but only the highest tier will be rewarded.

    - If there are room requirements you have to follow them.

    - Rewards will be send after the event is finished.

    - No cheating or hacking allowed.

    - No farming allowed.

    theres no rules saying no old screenshots can be used

    Thank you, know I understand it. It actually happened 2 minutes ago while playing TD. ;w; I'd like to record and report these ppl but my PC is so bad.. While recording I get FPS drops at its finest.

    not everyone's pc can handle video recording since it eats up your processor

    its called network limiter they can set how much traffic exactly goes through at any time to make themselves become invulnerable since they wont receive the packet from the server to send the info that they've been shot a million times then they revert the settings to normal and they will die after they td thats for the td but i think it has the same application for dm where they just shoot you instead of running to the goal

    If we should listen you: we can play with all ppl over the world they have all green ping.

    Fact is: 99% of them have distance lag. Once again this is why each popular game got its region.

    Now you can pretend to be stupid and not understand what I mean, idc (or you're stupid) It doesn't change facts about it.

    do you even read

    are you saying ppl cant play the game as they like?in csgo,players would play kz all day not even worrying abt the main game,dota 2,custom games,warcraft 3,custom games,even in mmorpgs,some ppl just like to run around doing nothing.whats your point about one and only league the cancer?and are you even sure about those who are in jump rooms only care about exp?i dont know whether you're talking abt dm or td rooms but im mainly talking about td rooms since i never go to dm rooms

    Not playing the objective is considered farming in any other game. Just because it is allowed it doesn't mean it is not farming.

    what exactly are ppl farming?exp?lol?those who are in jump rooms prob dont even care about exp they just want to jump.the rewards arent even good either so what exactly are you talking about this farming thing?what are they farming?

    Not playing the objective of the mode (scoring tds and defending in TD etc) is pretty much farming to me.

    AFK farming is a different thing though.

    this is why there is a rule that allows jump rooms to be made..coz of ppl like you who cant stand others playing in a diff manner and situation

    The only people that would keep training with 0 exp/pen would be the hardcore ones, it is a fact that jump rooms are mostly made for exp/pen farming without risking yourself

    so because of the ppl whos farming now you're going to deny players in the future not having the ability to do jump rooms?why not just implement a way to stop the farmers instead of completely killing off jump rooms?

    Ok, then. How about having special jump rooms but with no exp gain and forbid using regular rooms as jump rooms?

    Lets see how many ppl will be willing to train if they are really not there just for the exp.

    better make it not level restricted and up the players and make it so that there is no alpha beta teams :) or make it have alpha beta and another neutral team so ppl can learn to recover as well :) i bet there will be more than u expect.