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    what ridiculous asking for something to the game master or asking for more effort for a community that always publish the 5 or 10 members in each post, the game as the community, is already dead, they are always the same again and again,

    PD: they'll come out and tell me he's not dead we're still playing, the forum is still active, !!!haha what a joke.!!!

    you who defend something that does not provide any new experience, are very autistic to not see that this game does not contribute anything, no patch, the letter pm we are going to July and nobody says anything.

    this month only maintenance to continue with the same bugs and lag problems.

    aeria games is not interested in this game and the developers only lie in our face, when the private servers do more interesting things than the official game.

    PD: now comes the 4 or 5 defenders of s4 league to tell me how wonderful this game was, and how they live of illusions that will never come

    Not gonna open the game to 300ms people, surely some of them want to get kicked out of rooms so they can have a reason to complain about in the forums

    you still do not understand the truth without people s4 league does not give money without money, there is no way to pay the designer workers etc etc or do you think that if the game were profitable like a few years ago ks4 league and the yuisi would have closed?

    PD : for the fool who says that I am fighting for ip ban, I am spanish so I can enter but enter and see empty servers it hurts, it is preferably to play in private than in official And that's not the point


    is dying since when aeria games took the renderings of this game and it's been over 2 months that still does not open the ip ban this company believes that all of Europe plays this game.

    #s4 league unique game in the world with ip ban -ezClap


    ¿Moribundo? Veo una base de jugadores 1k todos los días desde 2016 ...

    Sad, you could never feel that it was seeing, several servers full at any time of day, but still with your 1k of players that is false, keep thinking that s4 league is still alive when the reality is very different

    PD : since when there is no patch and only do maintenance that does not add anything #s4#still#alive

    Private servers don't guarantee security, reliability or online durability.

    in the case of s4 league since they do not remove the ip ban people will continue to play private servers, while s4 league is still dying because of its slow response


    It is a public relations loop hole. If they want to have a private server, they can pay for the intellectual property rights owned by aeria. Also, who cares if they make money? That is 0% Aeria's problem. Running a server capable of playing a game in a way that could potentially damage Aeria's bottom line to begin with would be ridiculously expensive to begin with, so if adding on a cost for them to remain open will bankrupt them, is there a major difference if the end result is the same? Aeria giving them a chance, even a small or unreasonable one will save a lot of hatred being projected at the company. Just look at blizzard and rockstar closing private servers for older versions of world of warcraft and GTAV respectively, the fan base imbued them with hatred and trashed their names for the slight against them.

    As for the having them all here, even I, someone who is against private servers to begin with, realize that they treat the game differently. Those differences will keep some hackers off their case in the name of "Fair play" (Absolute max enchants at the best possible rates is hardly the way to balance given natural rarity to me), and leave them to their own. In that aspect, they could be used as useful tools. However, it may mean a drop in revenue in some rare cases, as such, to make up for that disparity, having them pay for licensing of the brand should be just as fine.

    1.I have explained to you there are many private servers of the wow cabal metin, among many other games that do not pay a single dollar to the company that created the original game, that is why they are private servers that profit from the different things that the original game offers but at a lower cost if these private s4 league give you the opportunity to pay a membership for example to have force packs every week or choose your force pack pet the one you want without capsules people will pay just because they want to play s4 league and the original not allowed, who is the fault of the company or in this case the group of people who manages the division of s4 league that isolated the other countries

    PD: Private server does not pay intellectual property right.. Omegalul

    they are closing all the private servers, if aeria game does not remove ip ban this game is dead, as it is clear that the s4 league is so bad because of the low participation of people in the official game

    I come from the time of pentavision where the players did not care who had lag, we just thought about playing the largest amount of points and obviously make touch down, the time you had to spam to enter the Spanish server because everyone wanted to go there Latins ,Americans, spanish Germans etc. all Europe concentrated on the Spanish server we all wanted to play, over time they were focusing on things that do not make sense that it is annoying to play with someone lag, but that never matters to the pentavision generation the only thing that bothers me of aeria games is that the 21st century comes to a company to put ip ban players who are paying for your game and buy ap in each event, I do not know who the marketing manager of this company or in this case the manager to have I took that decision, but the only thing that is clear to me is that they lost a lot of money when they put the IP ban into countries

    PD: It's unfortunate to see that all the private servers of s4 league have more people than the original

    ayy lmao for people with such poor thinking this game is so mediocre and does not grow as it should grow and tell me how they are going to remove the macros from the games if you do not use it congratulations you are a fool without the encouragement to offend

    there are macros in league of legend dota overwatch cs: go and I do not see in the forums complaining about things like that the macros in many games works is the evolution of gamer tools I do not think that you at home have a mouse to play the 1990s

    pd: I've already seen in several issues that you at all turn the bad side of things and say the macros in s4 league does not make you get 10 tds or kill 200

    the macros do not make you win

    HELLA, but there may be a ranked system for the two guns and melee modes what I'm saying is the implementation of this and that's what the open rooms are for you to practice before entering this ranked system plus I proposed st2 because it's the most popular map that provides the best show but you can also see more maps. would be boring tunnel so heavy that it becomes more like a DM, in the same way my point is to implement a competitive system, how many years has the s4 league and continues with the same idea the previous seasons that have had not changed one of the other is always the same idea.


    I am an old player who got the rumor that possibly remove ip ban, and given this I came up with possible ideas that could be made to relive this good game that is visually good for the viewer, compared to overwatch, so I want to say that s4 league has potential to be competitive, with a ranked and paired system, like league of legend or overwatch, a 5v5 team premade in touch down and DeatMatch just quee, and have their own E-Sport tournament, this will would give a lot of game and life to a game that was innovative at the time but now in its current state must take ideas from other games and apply to return those hours of games that many players spent in the times of pentavision ...

    PD: It would take time and effort for the new developers of aeria games but if they implement it it will surely shine since St-2 is incredible to see variety of jumps, strategies and a lot of emotion, OLD SCHOOL N-3

    PD 2.0 : #remove ipban for a free world