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    Idk. Have you tried? (I mean, assuming the maps are original design and not taken from another game or something)

    Yes, they design is original. The only thing is that i also use assets from the game, which you know, they do that too to keep the aesthetic consistent.

    And no, why would they take something i did? I don't have any professional background, and they don't like freelancers. What options do i have, DM a GM and be like "Hey i made this map, want to put it in?" I don't think things are as easy as that.

    Everyone plays st2 only anyway so it doesn't really matter that much.

    Also while the game still exists, those servers are only killing the game.

    They could have shared those maps with the devs and the community if they really wanted to help the game.

    I'd love to offer my maps, but they would never take them. I'd love to make content for this game, but i don't think they would be okay with that.

    Also, i don't blame the devs for not making more maps, from experience, when you show a new map and people keep playing Station 2 is just discouraging. They maybe play it for 1 day and move on.

    I just make them because i love modding this game and stuff, but the people would never play them.

    I mean it was pretty obvious since the game internally had the same name convention as the 3ds max Biped (Bip01, Bip01 Head, HeadNub and so on...) But i really like watching screens like this, behind the scenes is what i enjoy the most of this game these days, since i've seen everything on the outside at this point.