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    Chosing a language (flag) in the laucher shoudl fix the text.

    once on the launcher, try to select a language

    Not sure if this fixed it or not exactly, but the text is back in the game now.

    So what i ended up doing, was i reinstalled the websites client and took the files you gave me an merged them into the clients folder, replacing anything it said.

    once i ran the client it acted like it wanted to give me the patch fail again, but once i just clicked on start it ran normally with everything fixed inside it.

    Ran it a second time an it didn't give the patch failure anymore.

    So thanks for the help! it seems everything is working as it should be now. I'll update if anything should come up again.

    Okay so while this did get the game to run, the text in the game was missing.

    Meaning no dialog from the NPCs, certain items an menus were missing text making it difficult to configure settings or purchase items.

    So currently I'm looking into seeing if i can reinstall the patcher i received from the website. if i still get the same error I'm going to see if i can mix the two files while having a back-up an see if i can get that to work.

    So I've been dealing with this all day so far an all of yesterday an I'm not sure what to do about it.

    I've played S4 a while back when it was still operated by Alaplaya an recently decided to try it out again.

    Downloaded the new installer an ran the client only for it to consistently end with a pop up stating "Failed to patch (Code: 6)"

    I've already uninstalled an reinstalled in numerous times only to keep getting the same error.

    I'm running windows 10, 64. I can play all the newest games at great quality so i know its not my PC specs, or my anti-virus.

    Only thing i can think of is that for whatever reason, when i go to my "remove or modify a program" console setting and search up "S4" there is an oldish program stating "S4_EU". However when i go to uninstall it, it states "do you want windows RunDll to do this?" i hit yes an it says the specified module cannot be found.

    (side note to this, I'm in the US)

    I've gone through my computer files an deleted any file/folder related to S4 from alaplaya, after uninstalling the Current S4 client, but this thing still remains here.

    Another note, when I ran the current patcher, even after getting the "Failed to patch (Code: 6)" pop up. I could still re-run the patcher an immediately start the game, but only for it to get to the server select an then tell me "Improper client please try again" not exact words to this but more or less what it said.

    So any help to this? any fixes? if not I'm done wasting my time on this.