15x Reset Insurance in-game costs: 3139 AP and 50% of that is 1569.5 AP = EACH COSTS 209.26 AP
    15x Reset Insurance on website costs: 4500 and 50% of that is 2250 AP = EACH COSTS 300 AP

    In reality, you only saved less than 33%.

    When it actually should have been sold for: 1569.5 AP, but we know Aeria Games and their math would have rounded it up to at least 2000 AP BECAUSE BUSINESS AND PROFIT

    In 2011 i was observing a friend playing a 5v5 clanwar in unlimited. It was really cool. So i decided to try it out too. Well i

    wasn't really good at the game, and i still believe i'm not really good. Well, in my first unlimited td and dm games i over used my Plasma Sword (righ click only) so i was an easy target for revolver players.

    ur still ez pleb

    Not denying it. But that means some people negotiate with them and were smart enough to scam em while many probably don't even try to negotiate at all. Doesn't really make the part you quoted wrong.

    Edit: And by the way subscribe to PewDiePie

    How is it possible to scam it back if THERE IS NO WAY TO GET YOUR ACCOUNT UNBANNED AGAIN

    We all have seen battleye, the effectiveness, the failures, the successes and the fixes/solutions. But since it's removed - while we ignore the fact, that the playerbase probably peaks 400 at highest - Global Ban does no longer exist and is removed from the game. And maybe you have been so lucky that YOUR ban haven't been replaced with a "break of ToS", but I'm here to change the awareness about that matter, that there are players playing S4 daily, who is supposed to be banned, but can play freely in S4 and ruining the fun for other players with their former break of ToS whether it's being toxic, cheating or harassing etc. It doesn't matter, they still deserved to be banned. I don't know if the EAC is a bug or somewhat half true, but former banned and using it as excuse or at least trying to achieve so.

    So I hope the EAC can replace the global ban accounts, so they no longer disrupt the flow of the game. And to bring another matter is SOME players getting unban they 'friends' with people inside S4 such as CM without mentioning any names, RIGHTTTTTTTTTTTTTT? I also know that it was possible to get unban from BE with connections and money, which doesn't matter anymore since its gone. I guess you get my point even though it's pretty confusing and mixed.

    TL:DR Replace global ban with 'break of ToS'-ban because some people don't have it more obviously and is able to play again.

    There needs to be something that prevents players from creating several accs. Phone numbers could possibly work too as long as they'd make it so no 2 phone numbers can be used on the same acc. However at the same time there're people out there that have several phones. So this may not work after all.

    And yeaah I don't think steam's gonna happen..

    Every game has smurfs/alts and can't be avoided and im pretty sure its impossible for s4 to implement because of some law

    Hell, no. It is what makes the match going. Maybe only have it as a special rule for tournaments that can be set by GMs.

    Also they should bring back the damage pity in DM if there is 10 points difference.

    It is just pointless joining a lost match and keep playing when you can just leave and it will have the same result minus screwing up your k/d.

    No, its not the thing that keep the match going, its the fact you are about to lose and already screw up your KD by either joining an already going match or playing against people. Either way, removing pity would be a good thing to keep the game more fair, of course, its not possible because of the p2w factor because you most likely lose because of your disadvantage about hp, def, attack, ms difference and removing pity makes you lose your little advantage to come back. But how would pity make you come back when pity only exist until there is a 2 td difference. Is it the fact, that its a comeback that makes you wanna try even harder but why not the other way around? Your winrate, kd - stats are all dropping IF anyone even cares about such things. You are about to lose your average points is 100 and right now its 45 and you gonna lose anyway, I see people leaving the match to prevent the average points going down and still maintain that and you simply only lose xp, pen and your winrate drops. Its not a big loss or does it matter to lose 2-3k xp, 500 pen*. I agree to remove pity, how would it change for you to come back. Pity might give more damage, more/less usage sp but you lost that when you do 2 td. You cant avoid that loss alone by yourself

    And the difference between you and me is ...

    Everything seen here is bought with money.

    because it's entirely random it's that frustrating. You either unlock a set within 500k pen or within 2 milion pen. You actually need a lot of patience to unlock them

    Either your patience runs out or your pen, whatever comes first

    Wish I could show you more of my "pending" messages in purchase history, but haven't been saved anymore because it's so long time ago. So i thought I would send this before it was too late. I could see back to like 4-5 months with pending items. Maybe Marika can still see back and help, but who cares at this point, when I cant even start a match before Im disconnected from the server when joining a room in EU1.

    This is like making cookies and then ask why should bother putting sugar in them.

    it is part of the process to have a successful and enjoying event.

    "Successful", "enjoying", but how long time can it take? The last good event was probably the Unique Dual one but was all grind for a month. The best that wasn't as much farmable was the Easter Egg raining down. Everytime a new event comes, there will always be that "German Farm Room" couldn't even be avoided in the Easter or the boring play afk for x hours... The only one i remember is the GM Hunts but they only take 5 minutes

    This is like making cookies and then ask why should bother putting sugar in them.

    it is part of the process to have a successful and enjoying event.

    But, the only events are the weekend's events where you go play afk x hours in a mode and map. The only events that has continued which isn't farming is the boring GM Hunts.. What was the last event which wasn't something farmable?


    @here join this weekend's touchdown event. Play on Temple-M for longer than 3 hours to get all rewards!
    english: Touchdown on Temple-M"

    Those are pretty much "rare" items, mostly found in tiered spender

    No, no. You should not go on that dark path. Alice6

    Minecraft has milllions of players unlike s4 which has barely a thousand.. I think S4 should be fancy like its now but with more squared maps... Then most likely there will be more maps and costumes and weapons..

    Azuire Please do not double-triple post. Use the edit button and put all the quotes in one post. And yes, they said it was just a test. I didn't make up the text from Scragger.

    Where did they say in the description of the challenge that it was a test


    It was just a clickbait to bring back players... Or maybe Aeria cant count to 2... Everything for them is just one, just once.. They will bring new weapon skin just this once... That heart breaker was just a clickbait, same goes for dragon exo.. It was nice.. No more weapon skins