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    This is all in regards to melee only.

    PS: fix the range, revert it even. light slashes shouldn't reach as far as heavies, or hit someone your not even aiming at.

    Dagger: add a global cooldown or something to that right click, as it stands you just hold W + R-click and your golden. just spam right click while your getting flinch-locked from a ps or fist, and you still have a solid chance of chipping their hp/killing them. add in lag and that becomes a high chance.

    TB: not my area of expertise, dont know the in's and outs completely, but i feel that the charge time should be limited again, to dissuade from camping a spot for 5 minutes. would encourage people to charge when they get close, instead of holding it for forever.

    BR: that left click has to go. the damage needs to be reduced and the attack speed needs to be reduced. as it stands your attack flies out faster than almost any other weapon, plus has a minor knockback, while chunking a solid portion of your hp. and they can do it again in almost no time. that's without comboing.

    Fists: could use either a single one or combination of things like, reduced damage, slower attack speed on left click, lower stun time on jump attack, or just make it so you dont get flinched from the left click. as it stands your highly likely to just get slap boxed to death, and that's just versus one person. its like harder hitting PS lights. combine that with multiple people at the same time and your in for a bad time. people might say "just get a CS!". i don't feel like CS should be a requirement on every loadout, and should instead be a choice. don't really like the old love glove personally anyways.

    Exo: should probably have a longer air time, or cost a chunk of sp for that right click.

    Boots: not my area of expertise again, but should check into the ranges of some of the hits. that backflip kick from the jump attack combo hurts yo. could also be lag but eh.

    other weapons seem to not be much of an issue as far as i can think at the moment. Sigma is over in the corner eating glue, Katana is commiting sudoku puzzles, and the vital is touching people against their will.

    Non-weapon stuff:

    Fixing hitboxes, making them actually fit the player model and be smaller. i swear at the moment i feel like a giant walking egg. Another major thing, are the chip F skills. esper coat should have the same cooldown as beam, since beam is supposed to be a hard counter for it. as it stands blue is the go to, and really has too short of a cooldown. you could fight them and die, and by the time you respawn and get back to them, they could potentially be off cooldown for it again during that second fight. no bueno.

    Just kinda glanced over this a bit, so be a tad bit lenient. As for buffing the weapon, I don't feel like it needs any major changes. damage is good, utility is good, and unless your using it as a main weapon, you shouldn't have any issues. increasing the movement speed would be silly, since it would be the only weapon besides dagger/handgun that makes you move faster, not including FP, would upset the balance by quite a bit. and as for damage it easily chunks opponents healthbars as is, and even with a +1 you can one shot someone with the right click. Also not sure where your getting all these names for attacks from(did you make them yourself ?_?). as is, the only change i could think of it making, is so when you do a simple L click and slide away from someone, it updates your location properly so you dodge when it looks like you've dodged. granted this could be due to lag, but still. Other than that i think the focus should be elsewhere.

    things such as:

    Fixing the dagger's "exploit" of w and right click. basically ignoring the pathetic cooldown and letting you stab for forever, and making interrupts good for your health(if your a dagger user at that moment). they need to make it have a legitimate second or w/e cooldown after a stab, so that issue doesent happen.

    Re-adding the charge time limit for TB's, since it discourages being a hermit on top of a box for 12 years waiting for someone to scuttle by.

    revert the PS mechanics back a couple years, so that the heavy swing had more range than the light, and the light swing didnt hit from a bus length away in various directions, sometimes not even in the direction your facing!

    shrink the character hitboxes back to the old size.

    stat restriction mode?(so that you still keep your cool new looking outfits/weapons, but everyone has the same level stats in that match)

    fixing the netcode, etc blah blah game needs work

    adding new maps, not overwriting old ones,(also bring back oldmoon)

    adding new weapons. not just new skins.

    possibly having new animations if a weapons skin is different enough(wind blades are a good example, though that could cause its own issues.)

    probably more things, this is just off the top of my head.


    I like enthusiasts as much as the next person, but dont fix what isnt broken, strive for new content!(not all weapons need work, but that doesent mean some don't!)