Bug Reports

  • Hello S4 Leaguers

    As you may have noticed this forum is brand new. Which also means it could be possible that you will find a lot of bugs on it.

    If you encounter some bugs on this forum please let us know here in this thread.

    Please explain in short how you triggered the bug and where exactly you found it.

    Otherwise, we wish you a lot of fun in our new forum!

    - Your S4 League Team

  • S4 League bugs:


    • Leaving a match lobby sometimes cause a crash.
    • Joining rooms sometimes does not actually get you in but keeps you out, joining any other room again or trying to leave the server cause S4 to crash.
    • Sometimes using MP fill fast, makes it so the MP will fill up faster using LESS MP fills. (Let's say your sword needs 8 fills, doing it fast will fill it with 4 or 5.)
    • You can bypass filtering by using no space with words, for example; Noob is blocked, typing ''UrNoob'' will bypass the filter. <- (not really a bug but still)

    (New) Forum:

    • Moderators: Says only Game Sages, Community Managers. Game Master, Forum Admin and administrators, the administrators should be Administrators and Game Masters are missing as well.

    • Profile on right tab is a bit blur, Can't really tell what does it say.

    • Posts/Likes Received under the profile when u post, the numbers are pretty far.

    • Thread Tag Cloud: The Guide is huge there.

    • Discord icon is super small compared to the other stuff.

    Touch Down:

    • Tunnel: TD spawn area bugs the plasma sword stun, sometimes stun does not register.


    • You can use the ''F Skill'' after your chaser turn has ended and countdown for next chaser is incoming, pretty useless but still.

    I will try to keep this updated with any other bugs I find,



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  • I have seen sometimes saw that my friend playing with boots in a game and a game after we swap to CPD, and when playing with the plasma sword, the boots' seems equipped along with the PS, its some sort of visual bug.

    It has been around since the boots exsist.

    Btw I think this thread was intended for froum bugs in particular but the title doen't make it very clear.