Now that Aeria Games owns S4 League...

  • So, here are some suggestions, now that Aeria owns S4 ;)

    1. I'll start with the first thing people see when they log into the game: the GUI. I don't want to say that it's ugly, but it surely does look a bit cheap.

    Some ways to repair this would be to either bring back one of the old GUIs or just make an entirely new one. You choose. uwu

    2. Fix the typos and grammatical errors. Just a few examples:

    - When you lose the game (which happens to me a lot), the game will say "You are lost the match!" in the end of game screen.

    - The description of the Frying Pan Stormbat: "If use this Weapon, You Can Feeling power and strength!"

    - The description of a few items are in another language, such as the description of the Deleter Katana.

    3. Bring back old maps that have been removed. (e.g. Old Moon, Rusty Garden)

    4. Bring back the seasons, they were really cool IMO.

    5. Nerf/Revert the changes of the Rail Gun. Really, everyone hates the current version of this weapon.

    6. Remove IP bans. If I didn't say this, someone would have surely done that, so here you go. o3o

    7. Repair the clan system. I don't really care about clans, but I heard that it's a big issue. xD

  • I agree with all of that.

    It's full of mistakes in spanish, when i say full i mean big ortographical errors…

    The GUI, it makes me feel like a game made it for kids, so it needs a change.

  • 1. Sure

    2. Well okay

    3. Nope

    4. Nope

    5. Yes

    6. Not gonna happening anytime soon

    7. The only thing to repair is the dammn logo. It's not gonna be like they actually would make clan matches

  • Well honestly as long as they make quality content I'll be happy, and GUI, specially GUI.

    Everything,maybe xcept for the seasons. which it is not like I hate it but I don't care about it.

    OH and I want them to share concept art with us and get to know the illustrator and concept artist about it, maybe even bring them in the forums once in a while Alice8

  • 1. I agree that it needs some change but I kinda got used to it by now. So I wouldn't put it on top of the list. (Still high though.)

    2. Same as the first one. I have my game in english and even there are a lot of mistakes. Which just gives a bad impression. And I think this one wouldn't take too much work and should be an easy start. They don't have to understand everything of the code to fix those.

    3. Sure, would be nice. But not really that important to me as I prefer Tunnel or Colosseum. And those won't get played even though they're still in the game. (Maybe they should remove them for a while so they also get hyped?)

    4. Meh. Don't care about the seasons or lore in general.

    5. Yes. Everyone agrees with that. But I think they should also look at balancing in general. There are a lot of weapons in the game that are not in a great spot. Sigma comes to mind. Sharp Shooter. Senty Nell and Sentry Gun. All of which I would consider underpowered. On the other end we obviously have the Rail Gun, but maybe also the dagger, the red F skill, Unique Shield. Imho they should take a single look at every one of them and preferably gather feedback from the users. First they could create one big balance feedback form and then they could monitor and make smaller changes after that.

    6. Yep. Already discussed from Kara in another topic.

    7. I also don't care about clans either. And I think a lot of people don't really care. But maybe that's just because of the broken clan system? Maybe with a better clan system a lot more players would care?