How to optimize your game guide

  • Optimize Game


    Generally, you can optimize any game by reducing performance settings and / or improving certain physical parts of your personal computer. The available RAM and the quality of the video card are the two most important aspects to improve to achieve an acceptable gaming experience.

    Executing other programs while playing takes away resources from the system, and therefore generates delays or unwanted obstacles. Understanding how to increase the performance of your team while you play will help you not get frustrated by getting a response time slower than usual.

    • Get and use a lightweight antivirus, which does not reduce the performance of your PC or the speed of the S4League. Among the recommendations are: avast !, Panda Cloud Antivirus and AVG. In the same way, you can deactivate the functions of your favorite antivirus when playing.

    • Use the Windows task manager to find and close unnecessary programs or processes while you are playing. In case you have trouble identifying useless processes, use programs such as Game Booster, a tool that was born to optimize your computer and play those games that require a lot of CPU and graphics since not everyone is in the economic position of acquiring a Gaming Machine It should be noted that the program does not do magic or wonders; its key function is to deactivate the unnecessary processes of Windows, making the PC have a greater capacity to centralize on what is important, in this case, video games.

    • The best thing is that this wonderful program is free and comes free of malware or worms. Without further ado, to download the Game Booster, click In the same way you can search and install similar programs that do the same function.

    • Run S4League and go to the graphic settings to reduce the resolution and textures to find the optimal point in which the game works well enough for you, maintaining an acceptable graphics level. You must understand that the lower the quality and resolution, the better the game will run. Good graphics lead to unwanted obstacles if you do not have an optimal computer.

    • Configure the Firewall, which is a filter that controls all communications that pass from one network to another, examines the connection and slows the game. To avoid these irrelevant analyzes, you have to add the game to the list of exceptions of the Firewall, entering the "Control Panel" of Windows and entering the Firewall configuration in "System and security". Just look for the item 'Allow programs to communicate through Windows Firewall' or select an option with the words 'allow' or 'exceptions', depending on the version of your operating system.

    The trick is to press the "Allow another program ..." button and select the location of the S4League patch so that it does not have to be examined by the Firewall every time it is executed.

    • Disable anti-aliasing and visual effects to alleviate the video plate. If you use Windows 7, you can right click on "Computer" and press "Properties". There you will have to enter the "Advanced system configuration" in the panel on the left and press the "Settings" button in the 'Performance' strip. In the 'Visual Effects' section, choose "Adjust to get the best performance" and click "OK". Well you can adjust the visual options manually and to your liking, but keep in mind that the less you have selected, the better the performance of your system.

    • Go to 'Start', right click on 'Team' and press 'Properties'. Next, click on 'Advanced System Settings' and then the 'Settings' button in the 'Performance' strip. Once the new window is open, select the 'Advanced options' tab and then click on 'Change'.

    Remove the pimp from the option "Automatically manage the size of the paging file for all the units" and select "No paging file". Then click on 'Set' and press 'Yes'.

    Then click on "OK" or "Ok", depending on the dialog that appears, and finally you will get a sign saying that you have to reboot the system to apply the changes. When you restart your PC, the S4League will have an approximate increase of 30 FPS.

    I hope it helps you a lot.

    Best regards to Yuzuutash for his dedication!