Friday 13th GM Hunt - Slash Like Jason!

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    Hello Leaguers!

    Are you in mood for some good old fashioned horror? Then you are in the right place.

    Because Jason is back!

    For all lovers of Halloween and creepy things, this spring comes with a special day: Friday the 13th in the middle of a sunny April.

    S4League comes back with a new GM Hunt to """"celebrate"""" this day: Black Friday!

    Slash the GM like Jason this Friday the 13th in Netsphere and win rewards!


    The GM team will join or create their personal rooms! You need to kill a GM with no assist and screen it! The GM name needs to be clear enough to read.

    Note that the button to take a screenshot is F12! Don't forget it!

    Here is the list of the current GM team

    Submit your screenshot after successfully killing a GM in this google form:



    You can choose 3 capsules from one of the following rewards:

    • 3x Vlad Capsule
    • 3x Carmilla Capsule
    • 3x G's Gothic Style Set Capsule (M)
    • 3x G's Goth Girl Set Capsule (F)
    • 3x G's T.O.D. Scythe Capsule
    • 3x G's Skull Handgun Capsule
    • 3x G's Barbas & Marbas Capsule
    • 3x G's Destruction Dagger Capsule



    The event starts on Friday 13th at 13:13 until Sunday 15th of March 23:59 CEST time.


    • You can take part only once in this event, more than one submission won’t count!
    • Your In-Game Name and the GM name should be clear.
    • You aren’t allowed to edit the screenshots in any way!
    • Submit your screenshots above in the google form.
    • Your kills have to be made without assists!
    • Submissions after the deadline will not be accepted. No exceptions will be made!
    • Upload your screenshots on or a similar screenshot sharing site.
  • It is pity that the Gothic Style Set mask isn't available for pen in the shop. It woudl have been a fitting addition to use as requirement for the event in particular. I assume ppl didn't get the idea that they had to use special item the last event.

    Btw why no pen rewards this time? It went from 10k to 5k to 0

  • When will the rewards be distributed and do users who submitted their screenshots get any sort of notification of approval, telling them that they've won?