Adapt auto-kick system for hackers

  • Bonjour,

    My proposal is related to the kick functionality used within the game to be adapted in such way to not let the users kick other players instead they will simply propose a player to be automatically analised by the system and kicked if he seems to hack.

    Here, system refers to the actual game server which based on the feedback from players, should begin scanning the specified user in certain moments for specific patterns such as (not limited to):

    - Player has a real max health ?

    - Player has a real speed in both "walking", "running" states ?

    - Player can 1 hit ?

    - Player's health can drain if takes any damage ?

    - Player's dmg based on items correspond to the actual dmg ?

    - Player's wearing items exists in inventory ?

    The above examples are some high level abstractions of what can be performed when scanning the actual player and it is not necessary to get into technical details.

    In conclusion, the key point is to have the S4L itself handle the kicking of the hackers through special alghoritms and disallow players to kick themselves for unjust reasons.

  • That is actually not a bad idea. May be too hard to implement though but would be nice to have some sort of flagging feature and the ppl who get flagged a lot are getting investigated even if not right away.

    It would be a good system to also add a report button in the game. The player is investigated and so may be penalized if it's necessary

  • From what they've already done lately against hacks, I think they would be able to do such a feature/system ^^
    It's a great idea :D 
    I'm always surprised to see here on the forum a lot of good tips/suggestions :)

    Yeah, it's good to see good tips and more it's satisfying when are implemented in-game <3

  • I can't see this being done through auto kick, the lag it would cause for every player to constantly be under watch would be too excessive. Allowing a player to activate a system like in the case of a "vote kick" would cause much less issue over all I think.

    Hi there,

    I suppose I wasn't clear enough as I didn't go in details but that's one of the key points of this suggestion, to vote a player to be further analised by the system.

    On the other hand, if we discuss about lag, there are really many factors which come into play, one of them would be the resources as you had mentioned. Taking into consideration the hardware capabilities these days from both ends (client-server) and that most of the information within the game already goes through the "pipe", it's only a matter of analising the data. However, these implementations details shouldn't become a wall in our decisions as we must be focused on what benefits brings to the community. Indeed, there must be some degree awareness knowing how fesible/reliable is the suggestion but in the end, technicalities are handled by the devs.


  • If I can share my opinion, I would go over to the performance part. You said that after a player has been selected to vote kick vary information from the player will be collected for the whole match. I don't think that it is a bad idea but it would be extremely difficult to implement a separate system -maybe a server sided vote kick system- to collect the data. I get the feeling that it will end up like the current entry lags or maybe worse because it's constantly spamming with status requests to the player. If this idea will ever get considered, how would you aproach it?