Patch Note 12.12.2017

  • Dear Leaguers!

    We are proud to present to you the latest S4 League content!

    Christmas has arrived in the Netsphere!

    Santa has brought new costumes with a matching weapon and a brand new skill for you S4Leaguers.

    New Content

    Arctic Striker

    The cream of the crop in S4 League winter sports: Arctic Striker!

    The Arctic Striker excels at any sport.

    Her widely recognized talents are the envy of many.

    In addition to a top-class fashion sense, there's also the legion of fans!

    Arctic Defender

    The Arctic Defender thrives on the extreme thrills of S4 League.

    The challenges he faces are seemingly insurmountable.

    Even though he suffers a lot of deaths, they are nothing compared to the sense of accomplishment he gets. Today, the Arctic Defender wants to get to a new level.

    Metallic Fumbi

    This Metallic Fumbi will transform you into a beautifully groomed Fumbi.

    Arctic Suprise

    This bat hits you with a big surprise.

    Snowball Fight Mode Event

    Christmas season event! The new "Snowball Fight" mode has started.

    The Snowball Fight mode is an event in the style of Team Deathmatch, where you have to directly hit enemies with a 'Snow Earth Bomber' that can explode instantly and you can use an 'Ice Block' that creates strong cover by building an ice wall.

    Who will be the best in "Snowball Fight" mode"?

    Don't miss out on the many benefits of the new "Snowball Fight" mode!

    How to play Snowball Fight mode

    1. Please enter Snowball Fight Mode.

    2. Use your event weapons and skills to defeat your opponent and reach the target score.

    3. If you reach the target score ahead of your opponent, you win! ('Snow Earth Bomber' and 'Ice Block' for the Snowball Fight mode are provided by default when starting a game.)

    How to get Snowball Fight Mode Event Rewards

    1. Enter Snowball Fight Mode.

    2. There must be more than 4 players and 5 minutes of gameplay.

    3. Win a Snowball Participation Reward upon finishing the match (Up to 10 rewards a day).

    4. Win a Snowball Victory Reward (Up to 10 rewards a day).

    • LIVE - Scenario mode - Leaving a stage counts as completed

    Ingame changes

    U.I revamp

    The overall graphics skin has changed.

    2. Lobby upper menu U.I is changed to fixed menu (not able to change the menu position in options like before

    3. An animation has been added to the upper menu U.I.

    4. Animation added when U.I pops up separately, such as Mission, Daily Mission, etc.

    5. The club home page has changed. There are three club information on the main screen, but all of them are redundant information. At present, this U.I is deleted and club information is displayed now.

    - Loading screen is changed when starting a game play

    Screenshot key is changed

    -Print Screen -> F12 Key

    The change has been made to resolve lag issue with screenshot function

    BE update

    BE ban message -> ID is displayed for global ban

    Pet Death Jr can create a random Game Crash