DJMAX Respect Pays Respect To The Late Panamaman

  • In the latest DLC for DJMAX Respect, Supersonic was just added to the game.

    At the end of the music video, there's a nice little message that honors the late Panamaman (one of the main concept artists on S4 League who passed away last year as some of you know)

    There was also a trophy for watching the Music Video in its entirety.

    Check it out:

    Makes me happy they put something like this in here, considering Korean S4 League also recently shut down.

  • It is the right thing to do.

    I didn't even know djmax still existed. Who is making these games now?

    A subset of Neowiz from my understanding.

    DJMAX Respect is being headed by Neowiz and Rocky Studios. They are also ramping up support and giving out new songs to DJMAX Technika Q which is their mobile game.

    Juking (Kim Dae Ik) is directing it and Bexter (Baek Seung Chul) who composed Brave it Out, Zet (Come On) Syriana, and Nova is the producer.

    It's out on PS4 globally as a digital download and it's pretty awesome. It's a giant tribute to the entirety of the series and has been decently successful so far.