Speaking about the new RG

  • We are aware that the Pretender is still in a state where it shouldn't be.

    We are working to change it with the next patch, maybe already the next week.
    We've discovered this issue at the end of the patch and couldn't change it anymore, since it needs a client site patch and thus a new patch build is needed.

    We understand that this shouldn't have happened and we've learned from it.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    But my question is still unanswered:

    Why did you decide to hide the actual state of the pretender railgun? You just wrote "No changes to pretender" but that's not the case.

    Did you not know about it in detail? Or did you want to hide it that it's not going to be abused like Hella said?

    I hope you can give me an honest answer, thank you.

    Either way... In my opinion you should edit the patchnotes. Because everyone has the right to know about it. Before innocent players get reported by unaware mates. I even posted a draft several times on discord.