Help obout something ^^

  • Hi guys ^^

    I hope that all of you are well

    i have problem when i buy

    (Nostalgia Iron Eyes -Backstreet Boy -)

    from the website which cast 129 AP

    i tryied to buy it many time but i got only x1 caps not the perm set so can anyone tell me why? OR advice me what can i do ?

    Thanks alot ^^

  • It says


    You will get one of the following items

    which means you will get a capsule OR the permanent set.

    The box just gives you another chance to get the set similar to how the capsules works.

    It is all about luck.

    If you don't want to gamble you can just buy the parts directly from the igame shop but with the default color and with AP stat (without the exp bonus) instead of FP.

  • Ok Hella thank u so much ^^

    my luck is the worst T-T

    any way thank u