Question about the dev team

  • How big exactly is the dev team and i seen somewhere before that the team undergoes changes a lot so are the devs actually only work on s4 league or is it like the artist department where s4 league only calls in for help when it's in need of some art (putting it straightfoward way = does s4 league even have a stable dev team)

  • why not? just a question about the dev team i didnt even ask for specific numbers or anything

    Ok but the forum is mostly meant to discuss stuff with the community. If someone of the staff answer to it, lucky for you. I am just saying there are faster ways to talk to the CMs.

  • Hi Xane ,

    I understand that you've concerns for the game and their development and that you want to have more transparency about what is happening and how far they've progressed with each steps. Unfortunately, I cannot give you details on that, but I assure you that the development team is a group of dedicated developers for S4 League and that they all give their best to fix problems and implement new things to the game. It just takes some time.