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  • Jessie and the wise [GM]

    Jessie a 15 years old girl, as any teenage she felt like she has a boring life so she decided to try an online game she tried a lot of games but one of those game attract her a lot, so she starts to searching about some info about the game and what its look like from the inside, finally she decided to download the game and try it because she felt she will be so good in it and going to have a great time this game was S4League.

    she started alone to learn how to play she found it difficult and there were a lot of pro players around her so she decided to practice more and more but every time she fails

    Jessie started with a Battle royal room luckily she killed just one player in the hole game...

    she said " I'm just new player let's try again "

    she joined another room with random modes and keep trying to kill or get any score but fail and die as soon as she respawns , she felt very sad and depressed like she can't do anything well.

    one day she saw a guy in the game with rank [Pro] and he offered her to teach her the tricks and how to be good in the game she accepted, the guy started to teach her how to use the weapons to kill the enemy and how to score and how to avoid the laser he tried every day until he felt hopeless and decided to move on this girl won't be good ever.

    Jessie felt very bad about that and decided to leave the game forever...

    One day while surfing the internet she saw a link that involves a hacker/tools in the game she felt weird and a lilt risky but when she saw out what hack can do she download it and she ignore the terms and rules that she accepted and quickly she opened the game with the hacker and started to play she felt very happy at the beginning, at least now she can kill the players but one day a game manager entered the room and saw her playing with the hacker luckily for her this Game Manager was wise I think he didn't ban her immediately or something he just whispered her in a chat calling her to play a room with him and close the hacker.

    Jessie scared first but she surprised when the game manager offered her that he is going to teach her how to be a good player

    without any hacker but she 'll have to make a new account because the account that she played with the hack in it

    Violate the rules and terms that she agreed and going to ban it, so she told him that she tried a lot and she failed every time, so the GM told her that we all were bad at the beginning and need weeks and even months to practice and be good he promised her that he will teach her and will never feel bored or something

    Jessie felt much happy!

    still felt bad because she used the hack over practice and try hard.

    she said sure I'm in

    Jessie made a new account and the Gm taught her every day in all maps and within a month finally, Jessie could play not only could

    play but also she was a good player actually ...

    in the end, The point of this story is that we should not give up easily and do not resort to easy solutions to solve problems just believe in yourself that you always can .. so try hard and always follow the rules.

  • I'll leave my entry here. It was super fun to do it! I'm not used to write literature in english, but I think it turned out pretty good tho ^^ Hope you like it!

    That afternoon, while walking down the streets, I saw children playing to catch and fight. They were running, laughing, shooting imaginary guns and waving supposed swords in the air. Between all the shouts, there were two words that caught my attention, “S4 League.” I felt nostalgic. I used to play that game when I was in highschool some years ago, but I still remember the feeling of excitement when we tried so hard to make a TD or kill to win a DM -those times were awesome-. It’s not that I dislike my current life, but it feels like in all the years that has passed I left something important in the past, leaving a hole imposible to fill. We try so hard become someone in life, almost living to society’s standard, that we loose ouselves in the process of growing up to a point where we don’t know who we are anymore.

    My mobile sounded, taking me out of my thoughts. It was my mom, she wanted to know how I was doing. And so, while talking with her, I resumed the walking to my apartment.

    I was exhausted when I arrived, the day has been long and all I wanted was to lay down somewhere. I took off my bag and shoes, and put them away to throw myself comfortable on the little couch. I looked to the sky through the window, a beautiful shining moon -it was night already-. There was something I couldn’t take off of my mind, ‘S4 League’. I fell asleep not so long after.

    I was still gazing at the moon, shining bright upon my head. Suddenly, I heard metallic sounds as the ground started to shake. “An earthquake”, I thought. I looked at my surroundings, it was dark but my eyes were slowly adjusting to the lighting, seeing some grey buildings. I was confused, however my body acted first and runt to what it seemed to be a roofed passageway to cover myself from anything that would fall. I leant my hand against the wall, realizing it was made of stone. “Why? There is no stone buildings where I live. Ah, this is a dream, I should calm down.” I’ve had some dreams before where I know I’m dreaming, and I can do things like fly at my will, so I took courage, stepped outside and tried to, however I couldn’t. “This is a dream, right?”

    The ground moved more violently and the sound was louder, to the point I covered my ears with my hands. Big thick chains emerged from the ground, breaking the buildings around -they were like worms rising to the nightsky-. I could clearly see the chains were aiming at the big moon, which looked nearer than it really was. Once there, every of them strongly embed to it, resembling bridges between earth and a dark heaven. Then, a big key, even bigger than the moon looked, appeared from inside the ground, leaving a hug pile of rubble and dust behind. It majestically rose to the sky and break through the shining satellite. I was both fascinated and frightened. “This looks so familiar”, said to myself while gazing at the whole scenario. The darkness around started to fade and a voice I could instantly recognize claimed, “Fight! Show me your S4!!” -I was in S4 League.

    Suddenly more people appeared by my side -they were my teammates-. I was still confused, however I tought, “since it’s a dream, let’s enjoy it!” I remembered the weapons I liked to play with the most -submachine gun and plasma sword-. Then, one materialized in my hand and the other one in my back. I found myself running, screaming and laughing while shooting the gun, just like those children I saw before. I couldn’t remember the last time I had this much fun. When the Deathmatch was over -somehow we won it-, I approached my team to speak with them, but before I could say a word everything went black again. Seconds later I appeared in a spherical blue room. The walls were transparent and I could see a big city through it, as if we were above it. The team from the previous match was there, one of them walked toward what it seemed to be a digital panel control, pressed some buttons and a door opened. They were crossing it when someone look back to me and said, “aren’t you coming?”

    “Where?”, I asked.

    “Ah? You aren’t going to stay here, right? Wait, I think I haven’t seen you around, are you new to this area?”


    “Alright! You can come with us! You’ve played well but you still have a lot to learn tho”, a bright smile appeared in her face.

    “Hey, you are very kind, thanks.” And so I followed her through the door, an elevator, to be exact. They chatted between them and when we were in the first floor, the door opened to show the city I saw before. It was incredible as it looked very technological. We took a car, a very modern one -it was levitating over the ground instead of having wheels-. They told me about their clan, how they lived and then introduced one by one. We arrived at their clan’s house, I was a bit surprised when I heard everyone lived together -it wasn’t as big as I expected, but seemed very comfortable and warm-. I stayed for dinner and, of course, joined the clan.

    Time passed very fast. Weeks, months, then a year. We came to know each other, we laughed and got mad, we won and lost matches, we learned together about playing and about life.

    We were laying on the grass in Connest, just after defeating all of those annoying monsters, celebrating our last victory in Deathmatch and that thanks to that, we will be able to participate in the tournament. We were talking about how difficult the match was -a draw until the last minute-. We truly feel alive when we play, we learn of our allies and enemies, understanding that it’s not only physical skills which we need but also a trained mind. However, the most important is to enjoy every match we have, may it be a win or a loose, that makes us to feel alive.

    When one of my friends started talking about his childhood, I was asked to tell about mine. I was about to answer when I realized I couldn’t remember anything. I wasn’t sure what to say and, for some reason, I started to feel dizzy. I said I felt too tired and was going to sleep -as it was late at night and we’ve been playing almost the whole day-. While trying to remember, I slowly walked home. Once there, I put away the weapons that I was still carrying and took off my shoes to throw myself comfortable in the little couch. “I know a long time has passed since I played my first match here, I remember it as if it was yesterday. However, who I did or who I was before I came here, I can’t exactly recall.”

    That night I fell asleep while looking at the big moon in Luna-2 that could be seen from the residential area. I dreamt about a world, a world so different from this one. Large buildings rose almost to sky and on the streets, there were children playing to catch and fight. They were running, laughing, shooting imaginary guns and waving supposed swords in the air, as if they were in S4 League. Their mothers and fathers, sitting in near benches, were self-absorbed looking down at the mobile they hold between their hands. Some of them were talking about business, while others were showing off the happines of being outside with their sons and daughters in what they called ‘social media’. “Were they even paying attention to them?” It was a world where the battles were not about fighting and understanding ourselves through it, but to become powerful through the money and a successful person at the society’s eyes. “What a lonely and terrible world”, I thought as I woke up. My friends were there.

    “Are you alright?”, one asked

    “Yes, I’m just tired, no need to worry so much.”

    “You’re always like that! I guess it can be helped. Make sure you rest well, remember tomorrow we start practicing for our first match in the tournament!” And so they left.

    I may not remember anything before my first match, but that’s a mystery I should solve another day. For now, I can only say I’m happy to be here.

  • Who is going to read all that

  • Seems like my lurking days are over. Kinda. Well, we'll see about that, but here's my fanfic!


    Do you know how it feels? Have you felt the adrenaline when dodging a bullet? We come here for different reasons, I'm sure, but have you felt that? That feeling of being able to do anything, to walk through that rain without a scratch, just for one second? Now, there are the people who just shrug it off and say it's not real. Of course, if it was real I would be terrified. I'm not. That's the beauty of being in this virtual body; of playing this game.

    I remember the good old days. Were they really as good as I remember them to be? I don't know, but let's just roll with them being "the good old days". I remember diving for the first time. Jumping into the virtual, you know? Man, I could barely stand. It's not something you forget. Anyways, it wasn't too long until I found out about the League. I saw the advertisements for the SuperSonic Tournament. I had no idea what it was about, but I got a ticket to watch it live, 'cause really, I didn't have much else to do that weekend.

    Watching the game during the tournament was intriguing, but later trying it myself blew me away. It took a while to get used to, but once I got the hang of it, it felt great. I do have to say though: it’s a bummer you can’t wall-jump in real life. I had to remind myself more than a couple of times.

    It was a great time. Everything was just for fun, even if Dominic, the organization in charge of the netsphere, probably didn't think of it that way, as it turns out. I got on the occasional virus cleaning duty, but for the most part I was training to get better, to maybe get into a tournament one day. While I have to admit that I was never among the best, I was still pretty darn good if you ask me.

    Anyways, so I met some people during the virus hunts and when I played in the League. We started to hang out and soon we thought about making an in-game clan, as that started getting popular even outside of competitive teams. After some discussion we agreed on calling it Polychrome, 'cause all our in-game nicknames were of colours. Dominic must've seen the demand for this 'cause they soon added a "club" system, so people could make their clans official.

    The club made it more convenient for us to chat with each other and join each others' matches and that was all we used it for in the beginning. Then the Club Celebration Tournament was announced. It was in celebration of the creation and success of the club system and teams from one hundred novice clubs would participate. The tournament was split into ten smaller, parallel tournaments, with ten teams each, and the winning teams would participate in a final tournament after a short break. We had two months to prepare and we didn't waste a second of it.

    The teams consisted of four players each, which was perfect for us as that's how big our club was. I, I’m Blue by the way, was our main striker with the Submachine Guns, Hand Gun, Plasma Sword and HP Mastery; Purple focused more on invading and defending with the Submachine Guns, Storm Bat, Revolver and Bind; Blanc brought some healing with the Semi-rifle, Plasma Sword, Mind Energy and Bind and Green was our defender and sniper with the Rail Gun, Counter Sword, Heavy Machine Gun and Shield.

    We did pretty well, I'd say. I still remember the last moments of what might have been the most exciting match in the tournament:

    It was on Station-2, of course. The match was about to end. The round started and I wall-jumped down the stairs, Blanc following suit. Purple instead wall-jumped to the top of the train above the other team’s entrance. Purple managed to bind one and jump attack another with the storm bat, which provided enough distraction for me to run in and take the ball, after which I headed for the ramp. The other team’s sniper was charging a Cannonade shot aimed at me, but got taken out by a Rail Gun shot from Green just in time. I and Blanc continued up the ramp. Meanwhile, Purple respawned, ran out on the bridge and headed toward the stairs. By this time, the whole other team was in their base to defend, except their sniper who was about to respawn. Purple ambushed them from behind and both I and Blanc pressed on, with sniper support from Green who had gone to our team’s ramp to get a better angle. Following was a short but intense moment with revolver shots and attempts to stun and bind from both teams, but with some good maneuvering and a Plasma Sword dash I got the ball to the goal post and scored a touchdown, making the score 8 to 8. The match was decided by player score and we had just lost the third and final game of the best-of-3 semi-finals.

    “Good game!”

    We shook hands with our opponents. Sure, we were a little bummed, but thinking of that we got to the semi-finals in our first tournament, against teams that have been training for this just as hard as us…What I’m saying is that, all in all, it turned out pretty good, even if we didn’t make it all the way. Actually, I thought as soon as the next week that maybe, just maybe, not winning the tournament was a good thing. The winners got sizeable fan followings and people applying for membership left and right, despite this only being a beginner’s tournament. Meanwhile, the population of our club increased by the high high number of absolutely none. Some would see this as a bad thing, but we didn’t really mind as it was a pretty chill time.

    Then went another week and the final tournament was on. We watched a bunch of matches and while we didn’t really bet anything, each of us did choose a team to root for to see who would be right. It led to some exciting moments and some laughs.

    After the tournament ended we went back to mostly the usual. Yellow joined our club. It seems we picked the right club name, alright. Tournaments came and went. We participated in some, not in others. Occasionally there was virus cleaning duty. We started to wonder where all of these viruses were coming from. They didn’t seem like normal computer viruses at all. Later on there were rumors that all, or at least most, of them were coming from a large corporation called The World. Other rumors said that they made the Netsphere in the first place. In any case, we couldn’t make much sense of it at the time.

    Then Code: Zeron happened. I think we can all agree that... everything hasn't been the same since. I didn't pay it much mind at first, I don't think anyone did, but we sure felt it when the effects really settled in. It even led to a full scale war and it felt... it felt real. It didn’t need to be like that, I mean we could just log off, but what would we be doing then? No, we needed to make sure the Netsphere got through all this in one piece. So we fought. It went on for years. Then the netsphere just... glitched apart. Now that it's all over... well... I don't know, it feels off, you know? But it's for the best, that it ended. We've even recovered the Netsphere. I wonder, though: Is it really over yet, or is this but the calm before another storm?

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