[Suggestion] In game additions that helps players

  • i'll just get right to the suggestions coz idk how to talk properly

    1. add in game timer w/ event calendars so players can check out which events are happening in game without going elsewhere that might lead them to a different answer like wrong time zones or things like that

    2. a fixed event button/tab if the weekly map afk event will be permanent so that the players will be able to redeem rewards inside the game and not getting confused about how much time they'd played after they get dc'd or some other technical issues.if they can get this figured out im sure its helpful when they want to implement new events and its more systematic this way instead of having to check players one by one and give them the rewards when the playerbase gets bigger.

    dat all from me bois and girls get mad on suggesting stuff so we can make them work >:D

  • it wont be difficult to implement if they are using a more recent engine to run it but s4 league's engine is old so its not the same xD unless you're trying to get them to make s4 league from scratch with a new engine