Is S4 league servers up?

  • I keep getting "You have failed to join a relay server tunnel Is there any particular reason why this is occuring or is it server issue? Also can someone tell me where to check if servers are down or not?

  • Hi Aoratos,

    this error message usually implies that there is an issue with your home connection. Where are you residing and how fast does the game start?

    If the game is down, we will update our maintenance thread on the forum and we will write a short announcement on our discord. The link to our discord can be found almost everywhere on this forum ^^

  • The servers are up. The maintenance downtime will probably be tomorrow. Make sure it is not an issue with your connection first.

    Where are you from? If you are from an IP banned country you won't be able to login.

    If not, try and see if you can login on the other servers and also if you can login from another account.

  • I played the game not long, like 2 days ago,

    So i believe im not in one of the IP Banned countries.
    Thank you for the replys guys, probably my connection Ill try see if i can fix it

  • please guys, don't always discuss on tech threads and only give solutions to their problems. This issue that he is experiencing is either related to his connection speed or due to his location. This case, the chance is high that his the cause for not being able to join