blocked users getting unblocked by itself

  • i've been seeing a lot of ppl i previously blocked getting unblocked for some reason and its happening to my friends too is there any reason for this?

    It's Aeria's way of telling you to man up and face the insults/provocations like a man instead of blocking and ignoring them.

    Now speaking seriously I think that's an old bug cause that has happened to me for a long time and it is probably another thing that will get ignored, so the usual.

    SoonTM wait for further updates bla bla bla bla

  • Okay that's a real old bug, when the game was manage by alaplaya, i got that bug.

    The problem the bug never got fixed and i know the stages of that bug.

    1° The block stop working

    2° Whispers stop working

    3° Adding friends stop working

    4° Blocking- Removing friends never work again.

    I know that can be cause it, but i dont know already what more can be caused by this server.

    Just you know, that bug can appear just for abusing of blocking or just in a moment you block someone and server lags itself....

    I played since 2009 i see it on 2010-2011 that bug, when we got latam server for spanish users, i got the same bug again....

    Watch out how much times you block, maybe you and your friends will be bugged with that....