• Hello everyone, well... i have little problem. After a lot of time i returned to S4 League, i played a long time ago without problems because i'm from Mexico, and the IP Ban isn't supposed to ban me from the game. But now i want to play and i can't, when i select the server, after a 2 minutes of "Connecting", the message "Failed to connect with game server. (Timeout)" is displayed. I believed that it was because my account was banned for a lot of time without loggin. So i created a new account, but there is no difference, the message appears again and again. I want to know if Mexico is actually banned too or what's happening. Someone knows how to fix this? :(

  • If it happens on all accounts it is either your connection or the IP ban.

    They may be lifting the IP ban for south america soon so either keep an eye on the news or try again in 1-2 months.