[EAC]: Banned - Unfairly banning players

  • I am registered on S4 League since sunday 18th April - 2010, 03:27, when I registered on this game using Alaplaya.

    The last five times I had logged in on S4 League:

    - 11th September 2017

    - 08th May 2018

    - 16th July 2018

    - 31th July 2018

    - 07th August 2018

    This can be checked on S4DB:

    I have stopped playing S4 League on 2016. Since them, I had logged in on it a few times, when I missed this game so much that I couldn't refuse to play just some matchs.

    Well done. The IP unban has been released a week ago, a lot of friends were talking about playing some matchs, like the old times. I decided to enter on the game again 30th November.

    I think I tried to play all day. But I was getting DC every 15 minutes, so I think I just have finished 4 or 5 matchs.

    After getting one more DC and then trying to enter 10 times, getting the classic "The Connection with the game server has been terminated" every time I entered on the server selection screen, this error appeared:

    [EAC]: Banned.

    Apparently trying to enter on a broken game is a violation of the service. I submitted a ticket for Aeria, requesting a explanation of what was happening.

    My account was suspended for just trying to logging in the game. But Aeria explanation was a bit different:

    [Removed Image]

    They said I was banned for "hacking" (?). Why would a veteran use any kind of cheat on one of the few times he enters on the game in the entire year?

    So could you, Aeria, kindly explain what kind of hacking I am being accused of? It is not fair to just ban people without providing any proof of allegations.

    Please, I kindly request you to check the log files and tell me what kind of hacker I have used. Because I haven't used any. This is not fair.

    I've already submitted a "Ban Appeal - I didn't cheat" for Easy Anti Cheat support. This was the response:

    Therefore, if I want to get back my account, I need to request a review from EAC.
    But EAC is requesting a number that Aeria can not provide me "due to technical issues".

    Basically I am being banned without any explanation and without any possibility of challenging the legitimacy of the judgment.

    I am wondering how much people are getting these bans randomly and will not appeal, will just sit and accept this Aeria's lack of organization and commitment to the players that made this game alive for so many years. I was looking at S4DB posts and it seems a lot of players are on the same boat as me, getting banned randomly and without any proof or clear explanation, and without any possibility of review.

    So, it seems this is the end of my journey on S4 League.

    April 18, 2010 ~ November 30, 2018

  • Why would a veteran use any kind of cheat

    You will be surprised how many does that.

    Also I am sure disconnects have nothing to do with the ban since everyone else is disconnecting as well right now.

    Just contact support again to gain the info which EAC asks for and send it back to them.

  • You will be surprised how many does that.

    I don't know any player that plays S4 League twice a year and will try to cheat on the unique match he's playing on the entire year.

    It is not about people that are playing it everyday, as a favorite game, who may be overwhelmed by the insatiable desire to win at all costs.

    It is about someone that just enter to "kill the longing" (I'm not sure if this expression exists in English). Just to have fun for 2 matchs, and that's it. Then I can proceed with my normal life.

    I hope you understand the point. It is not about trying to say that it is impossible, but just highly improbable. At least a ban review is deserved. At least a proof is required. You have the log files, simply show me what "hacking" I have used. I just played a few normal matchs, with close friends. And got banned for nothing.


    Also I am sure disconnects have nothing to do with the ban since everyone else is disconnecting as well right now.

    I was not implying any causality between disconnect and banishment, I was just reporting the sequence of events. But thanks anyway.

  • Maybe it's a false alarm and some program or programs in your PC are triggering the d⁄c and after some tryings the antihack banned you. I remember when the antihack was changed to XTrap case like yours happened, the team will surely check your case.

    Good luck

  • just make sure u remember whether u cheated b4 this coz they might be detecting idm if u know what that is :D

    and theres a ticket maintenance currently undergoing thats why the ticket is currently unavailable for you to appeal read the forums and the posts on the official s4 league site for more informations :)

    and yes theres a ton of veteran players who cheats on regular no matter its blatant or not they still do.theres no reason for a veteran player to not to cheat just because u arent(hopefully)

  • Here's your options that will work but no one is saying:

    1. Bribe them like some people do

    2. Get to be friends with the Aeria Staff (1 and 2 work better if joined together)

    3. Know someone irl that works there (Hardest one since ur brasilian)

    Ou simplesmente manda esses cabrões para o caralho que é o que eles merecem.

  • Guess it'll take time to fix EAC and get rid of all these "unfair" bans, until then all that you can do is write a ticket on gamigo asking for the id and then do a ban appeal on EAC, although it may take a bit, glitch.exe already gave a heads up on tuesday