Server & Calendar Event

  • I'm just gonna structure this so y'all can just skip anything unnecessary...


    So like... The server's gone ta hell with constant:-

    -Connection Terminated errors

    -EAC errors


    We have an Advent Calendar event going on... So...



    Can people still get the previous day items by doing it on other days within the event duration?

    Are people just going to miss out due because the game constantly disconnecting/crashing on them?

    Reason For Asking

    If they're just gonna have to miss out... That's ****ed up.


    Before anyone says "It's not the server, it's just them.", I can't see that from the several people experiencing the same thing.

    Explaining mumbo jumbo techno stuff is just gonna go way over my head and I'm pretty sure you guys are discussing about that in other posts, I just want to know about the event.

  • they're going to give out better rewards near the end of the event basically when it is near christmas and no you wont be able to get the rewards from the events if its already over

    Das fuq'd aap, imo. (Not getting the old rewards.)
    Crashing several times due to the game.

    Well- At least it's not unexpected.

    The tasks for the last 2 days were doable if you make 10 min rooms. The next tasks however may become problematic.

    The errors can happen at random as far as I know. So 10 minute rooms for 1 hour feels iffy.
    And yeah... Future tasks may be problematic...

    Unless they're irl events like just draw or record something simple. It's mainly the events ingame that's concerning.

    Or you just do it on an other server ._.

    Hopefully there is a finish arcade esper task this year too :D

    If there are even populated servers.
    Even in populated servers its hard to get people to join.
    And events relating to the arcade would be nice. :^)

    Or events using the dead modes, such as Arena, Warface, Cube, etc. Those modes need some lovin' too.