Improving the new player experience - a simple addition

  • So I was thinking about S4 and there are two things that I think would greatly improve the new player experience.

    First off, something that could probably be implemented rather quickly: When you create your very first character you would get either Basic Type-A + Padding Slacks (if the character is male) or Sweet + Pleats (if the character is female). These would be permanent with AP stats. Here are my thoughts as to why this would be a good idea:

    - New players get a permanent costume that changes the majority of their character's looks.

    - These could be combined with PEN hair/face/gloves/boots and +10 weapons which should be enough to give them a fighting chance, and all of these are available for PEN in the shop (showing how they get +10 weapons for PEN would be a great way to introduce them to capsules).

    - These are still the most basic-looking "sets" in S4, so if they want to be more stylish they would want to spend time/money on getting new sets.

    - There are 3 character slots, so they would want to spend time/money on costumes.

    - Giving new players a fighting chance and something permanent to fall back on if/when their timed stuff expire would give them the chance to get sufficiently invested in the game so they would want to spend time/money on it, or even, y'know, tell their friends about it.

    A few extra points:

    Whether or not this would replace the timed costume you get with the first character or if it would be given alongside it is up to Aeria imo.

    If Aeria instead just makes the current timed costume into a permanent one I guess that would be fine too.

    I'd like to hear your thoughts on this. Imo there are more problems with the stat system, but those may take much longer to fix in the best way possible. This would fix the most immediate problem when it comes to new players (except maybe smurfs), would function as a good band-aid fix for the time being and could be kept in place even if said fixes do come.

    The second thing is: Have a menu tutorial! Something to get them started and to help them around the shop/inventory/UI in general.

    When they first enter the game (or when they've completed the gameplay tutorial), make it pop up similarly to the mission/login reward windows. There you should tell them how to get started and tips.

    Of course there are other things that could be done as well, like improving the gameplay tutorial, but that would probably take longer so this could be good to have in the meantime.

  • I am all for making the game more welcoming for new players, but a band aid fix for an issue like this, is nothing we should even consider implementing.

    We need to rethink the whole economy of the game and how a player is faced with the casino which is S4 League now, gamble everywhere will scare a lot of people away. And rightfully so, everyone has played those 3rd class mmorpgs which gave you gamble everywhere and some boosters for your gamble and enchantments etc.

    Which basically give you the impression that players have an egde over you and you will have a bad time playing against veterans and this is not inviting at all.

  • It wouldn't hurt to give them HP+30 as their perm starter skill instead of the HP+15 one on top of giving them the perms you mentioned . The game gives them a 30 day Dual Mastery through level rewards, and they're gonna be missing that when it expires. CyberWing89

    But honestly even if you give them new items it still won't help them much if they're up against smurf players who'll run circles around them. Something should be done about the smurf problem before that first tbh, and the game should be fixed overall before all that though. I can't imagine new players would stay long with the constant crashes, bugs. and hack user problems on top of that.

    (Also remember in the beginner server they'd be more likely to run into hack users). Poor beginners...

  • There are many ways to soften the p2w model.

    -giving ap stat at the start is one of them, yes

    -buffing the stats of the pen gear to near AP stats

    -adding no stat option when creating rooms

    Regarding the tutorial, I really wish they bring the very fist one. The current tutorial is just a mess.