Happy Halloween - Time to get Spoooky!

  • It's the spooky time of the year again and we have some spookish events planned for you. Take part, grab rewards and get in the right mood for Halloween!


    Halloween Event

    Do you have nightmares? Or we better should say prepare to became the Chaser of your Nightmare! This Halloween play Chaser mode and gain special prizes! Check more information HERE!


    Bewitched by Alice Baby Virus

    It's trick or treat time! Community Manager Scragger was followed by Alice Baby Virus and didn’t return. Check out our newest image panel contest to find out the mystery. But remember there’s more than just ghosts and pumpkins! More info can be found HERE!


    Cursed Chef

    There’s a spookilicious event for you! Embrace your inner chef, grab your ingredients, sweets and other materials to go crazy! We want you to cook or create the Halloween S4 treat! Read more HERE and don't let the spooky Fumbi steal you!



    Did you get enough of Halloween events or are you still lacking some spooky-mood? Then there’s something else awaiting for you. Click HERE to redeem Jack-o-lantern, Halloween Witch Hat, Ghost Mask and Doctor Mask and scare the life out of Leaguers!
    Use code



    Anniversary Special Package

    Trick or treat? Or you better say ‘give me your present now’! October is not only the month of Halloween but also the Birthday of S4 League.

    And since it's our 10th Anniversary that we celebrate together as a family we want to give you a very special present for being with us throughout these 10 years!
    Only until November 12 use this code to redeem your Special Anniversary Package! Show us your S4!



    A special Halloween promotion

    Check out Halloween Theme in the Web mall! This Halloween, we have witches, vampires, ghouls, demons and zombies waiting for you with their special tokens in each Halloween box! Don't miss this chance to get your creepy Halloween costume bits and other permanent items from the special spooky boxes!
    And once you’re done shopping don’t forget to take an extra set from the Tiered Spender for free!

    We hope you enjoy these events! Get spooky and Happy Halloween!

    Your S4 League Team