Unable to run S4 League on external devices?

  • Well, in short, i've been using another devices apart from my PC to play the game, because i'm unable to play it right now thanks to my "splendid" connection. So, the thing is, half a year ago i could play without problems regarding the game. Now it doesn't let me enter the server at all, it appears "The connection with the server has been terminated" or something like that. Do you know how to fix it?

  • Is your new device faster or slower than the other one? if the game takes too long to load it may get you disconnected. Try running the game again after it happens. it should load faster on the next start.

    Sorry, i didn't explain myself well enough. I have a saved copy of S4 League on my pendrive. The computer i usually run the game into is waaaaay better than the one i keep at home, so it isn't a loading problem, but anything else. I don't know what could it really be.

  • the run speed on the penddrive is usually much slower than a normal hard drive. Can you tell us how long it takes to start it up? If it does start up fast, then you're experiencing an issue that many other currently have

    Now it needed 2 minutes to boot, but usually it fully boots within half a minute. I can pass through the first screen, but then at server selection it disconnects.