S4 League 10th Anniversary Discord Quiz

  • 10years_of_S4League_NEWS.jpg

    Dear S4 Leaguers!

    It’s been ten years; can you believe it? The whole S4 League Team wishes a happy birthday to our favorite Stylish eSper Shooting Sport!

    And to celebrate this day we’re running a special Quiz!


    To take part please join our Discord Channel and search for the #anniversary-quiz

    Quick link: https://discord.gg/S5v5wGC

    Answer questions asked by us and get PEN Capsule 500 for each correct answer! For every 3 correct answers, you will receive a Reset Insurance item!

    The quiz will start on October 7th 18:00 CEST!

    Use this link to check the current time: https://time.is/CEST


    • Only the first one who gives a correct answer will get a reward.
    • Do not change your discord name during the event and until you receive your reward.
    • Please note that quiz will be held in English.
    • Please do not spam in the chat or use it for regular talks. If you’re not participating, then please use other channel to talk with other players.
    • Rewards will be sent to your account within 48 hours after the quiz end.
    • We reserve the right to disqualify any participant that may breach the rules of the event or our ToS!

    See you on a Discord!

  • Pen cap 500=500 pen caps? If so this may be the best prize yet.

    Judging by the icon on the redeem page it seems like it is an old pen capsule similar to the mini/small pen capsule.

    I don't remember what amount of pen it gave though. 500 was basically the old price for it in p7s1 currency.

    It may be the equivalent of the silver pen caps. Not 100% sure.