Can we talk about how good the Discord channel is?

  • I just got perma-banned for saying president Trump, that's a lovely non-political and non-biased bot you guys have. :S

    Not to mention my previous mutes were also because of the same thing. It is literally impossible to even have a casual conversation on it, without being up-tight as to what you type.

    Not to mention saying meme would get you banned as well up until recently, clearly this bot is not working as it is supposed to. Why is it still there?

  • It is impossible to even have a normal conversation with it, I said the slightly more vulgar word for stool twice and president trump once over a time frame of an hour give or take.
    The only "tease" was checking if saying President Trump was still bannable, since meme finally got taken out of the filter.

    Your point would be valid, if the filter made remote sense. I don't see how saying Trump is worth a warning, kick or ban. That's just ridiculous, it is the president of America, not Voldemort.

    Clearly the filter does need some changes. Blocking out names of legitimate political figures is not good having a good filter, politics shouldn't be filtered to begin with. Unless the game turned extreme-left and saying the name of a republican president is a punishable offense, but I strongly doubt that is the case.

    Long story short, I do not feel like I was in the wrong for saying President Trump. And I do think that the filter needs a rework as to what words are and aren't filtered.

    EDIT: To sum my complaint/feedback up, the filter is way too sensitive. In my opinion it should only filter the extreme language, while the rest is moderated by an actual person. As context matters a lot. My previous warning, was in a political discussion months ago, in which I did not curse or 'tease' the filter.

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  • to say it short, ours is a game discord and not a political one. Hence, political topics actually don't have any place on it. I agree that few things might be excessive and I'll think about what to remove or not in these next days.

  • That is a 100% true, but it would make no sense to filter Trump but not Obama (just an example, this is not a complaint about that specifically).

    Alright, I've said what I wanted to. Anything beyond this would be nothing but a rant, and that is not at all my intention.

    Thanks for looking into it, cheers.