PM Letter February 2018

  • A new message from Karasakal:

    Hey S4 Leaguers,

    Welcome to yet another PM Rambling! How's everyone? I hope you're doing great. Us? We had a crazy, crazy month and there are several topics to talk about! I don't know where to start, so let's start!

    Last Netsphere Standing

    I guess a big "bomb" this month was the Latin and Korean servers' shutdown announcements. This came as a big surprise to some, and not so much to us. As we announced right away, there is nothing to worry about on our side: We're here to stay. And we're the only one standing, so you know what this means: You are the best S4 League community and altogether we are the best of S4 League! So what happens now?

    First thing I want to clarify is that GameOn Studios is still the developer and we are still the publisher (Note: I saw a comment on forums about this, let me clarify: Developer-Publisher relation is not a case of "We tell them what to do.")

    So, we're definitely considering to expand to Latin countries. Currently, we are looking into some technical issues related to that. However, it may not happen very soon. If you are from a country that the Latin server... served?, please show a bit more patience but keep an eye out on our website! We may have some news/questions for you in future. Unfortunately, we can not provide a migration due to version mismatch but if we expand as we hope, we'd at least like to offer a special package.

    I was asked about Asian countries. Definitely not opposed to the idea, but one step at a time!


    Before I move to cool stuff, let's get the muddy part out. February wasn't as fun as much it should be in some ways.

    We had a bad day over Discord and several hack-related issues. I sailed right unto the culprits, but the damage was done. Thankfully the GS team and several players helped us recover. I want to especially thank (in alphabetic order) Adiutor, Heiliger, Heiliger's Butler (yup), Heliga, Kriton and Nobody (I mean somebody. Nobody is somebody! That's just the nick!) for their help. I'm sending over a Heart Breaker as an added thank you as well!

    We also had various security issues. As usual, we are always looking into these, try and fix some as we go, but can't share much. That's why the patch log was vague: We don't want to give away what we are doing. Worst was that we had a lot of players lose their accounts. We communicated about this and I want to re-iterate: Please stay away from hacks. You are opening your PC to attacks. You can get keylogged, trojaned, spywared or worse. And if that happens, there isn't much we can do! And to be completely honest: If you used hacks, your account should be banned anyway, regardless of losing control of it. I know not everyone used tools but I hope this will be a wake-up call for the community. Also, I really urge everyone to stay away from tools that generate extra items (you know what I'm talking about). They are advertised as being safe, they are not. Due to other topics, we didn't have time yet, but there will be a great amount of accounts to be banned. Don't spend money to lose your account! Some of you may remember the mass ban with bots some years ago, we're looking at something automated similar to that. #soon

    Speaking of security, there was a topic on forums regarding our security level that I promised to talk about. I also left a remark there but first of all, changing security is a big task. Like huge. YUGE, even. Also, it's not just about S4 League: all games are affected and this means including a dozen different systems and their interaction. It really gets too complex too fast. Now, about rolling back accounts and all, we want to help. We really do. But we do not always have the technical capacity you believe us to have. We don't have a magic button to roll back an account to past. The amount of work that goes to recovering an account is massive as it is completely manual (finding items and sending them). So we need to make sure the case is valid. Furthermore, unfortunately for each person trying to recover an account we have 10 people trying to scam us. So we need to check even more than expected. Do we still make mistakes? I'm sure we do. Honest mistakes happen everywhere. We do plan to improve our tools but this is a future plan.

    I have a question in my feedback form, I hope you all answer it honestly.


    So, back to better stuff!

    I don't know if you noticed but we had some changes regarding the GS team: We've parted ways with some GS, had some recruits and so on. As you know, we've also had several changes with CM team, so we've been internally working to improve our communication between each other as well.

    I'm really happy with the results. Especially since December, we've brought back regular events, tournaments and both GS and CM teams worked hard to bring you the forums the best way they could.

    Whenever you are about to be harsh to GS or CMs, I want you to remember something: GSs are spending their own leisure time to make things better for you guys. They aren't being paid, they are doing it because they are nice. And they have to put up with me and CMs on top! And CMs are working their backs off to make things the best way possible for you. When there is a ticket that's late or an issue, it's not because they don't care, it's because they had to work on something else. And probably I'm to blame. Sorry.

    Anyway, I wanna thank all of the team for their effort. I'd raise my glass but I'm writing with one hand and the other one's a hook, so I'll just cheer: Good job guys!

    (Note to self: Maybe we should anonymously read some of the <sarcasm> well written and perfectly expressed </sarcasm> tickets, or mean Facebook comments, like "reading mean tweets" series people do now and then)

    A Heart Breaking Story

    If you haven't noticed already, we did something last month and released our very own designed weapon skin: The Heart Breaker! Get it? Because it's Breaker and it's heart shaped and it bre- okay, you get it. Sorry, I just like puns too much.

    Anyway! Let me tell you more about how this happened!

    We actually had two concepts for this month: A Chinese Dragon re-color for Metal Storm and the Heart Breaker. Due to reasons we only could move forward with Heart Breaker. First, one of our artists came up with some concepts:


    The initial plan was to have the blue as PEN color and the pink as the FP color, with maybe a varied model with broken/non-broken heart etc Unfortunately we had very little time, so we had to pick a design and go with it.

    So, we moved to the 3D model.


    After some discussion on how it should be, we came up with the final version


    This was all thanks to the experienced 3D artists, a direct benefit of our merger with Gamigo! I wanna thank everyone included for their work and for their feedback. Who knows, maybe we can actually release the blue color or different models in future!


    So what does this mean for S4 League?

    Basically, we tried something and it worked out fine (it's our first try!) However, we still needed assistance from developers, so it's not like we will just be making new skins from now on by ourselves.


    We still put our foot in the door. I actually planned to talk a bit more about this but I didn't want to create false expectations. We may be pulling the foot back, or we may be opening the door. Believe me when I say I have A LOT of things imagined for the latter.

    Expect to hear about this topic in the next PM Letter.

    Regular Topics

    -Are we bringing back the lost old maps?

    Ladies and gents, I'm with you. I hear you. I will never drop this topic until I'm 100% convinced it's impossible. Currently, I'm not. However, I don't have any good news either and I don't think we can focus on this for a while. So let's put this on a shelf for now.

    I do have a question in the form though, please take a look.

    -Disable item stats in different modes

    I heard some feedback that we should add it to all modes. What do you think? Let me know in the form. Let me be clear: I don't know about technical restraints of making this happen! I'm just asking for opinions.

    Feedback! Forms!

    Yes. Feedback.

    On the last PM Letter I sent a feedback form and I got a lot of responses. I really appreciate it and it's really nice to see everyone was interested in the topics! I'll have another feedback form for you at the end and I hope we get at least as many contributions as the previous one.

    Since some of you were interested, here are some highlights:

    How long have you been playing the game? 77% at 5+ years. That's some dedication!

    How much fun is S4 & rating CM/GS teams These are all between on average of 2.7-2.9, which I believe is good (since we tend to be more negative than positive in surveys etc) but definitely will work to improve!

    Discord activity Basically half are there and a big chunk of people didn't know!

    Should name release be a service? Divided, with the bigger majority on Yes.

    Old UI vs New UI: As expected, old UI wins. However, it's not as bad as I thought it'd be! (We want to make some changes here but not very soon)

    Most wanted Clan Service: Changing clan marks

    Interest in Topics You were mostly interested in the topics, which is great!


    Before I finish, I want to do something different and add an extra personal touch to the letter. I'll talk about the stuff I watch, listen or play.

    Let me see. I've watched a lot this month: Completed Crazy-Ex Girlfriend S3, I LOVE that show. What else, I watched Altered Carbon and The End of the F*** World, really liked those too. Currently watching American Horror Story.

    A disappointment was Full Metal Alchemist live-action in Netflix. Is it only me who thinks it felt purely fanservice?

    On the games side, I've been playing Subnautica. Playing hardcore, unfortunately, I lost a couple saves but I'm on a good track now! I looked into Civ6 and AoE: Definitive but didn't spend as much time.

    On the multiplayer side, I'm playing Fortnite and Heroes of the Storm.

    Finally, I started reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. I really enjoyed reading Jules Verne as an adult after years, so I'm trying different books I read as a kid now.

    So, what are you guys playing/reading/watching nowadays? Maybe you can give me some suggestions!


    Alright, with that, I think this letter is done!

    The feedback form is here.…CeiwvYW-9yW5GPVw/viewform

    Thanks for reading and talk to you next time.

  • Woah. Aeria now has a designer team? That is pretty awesome.

    I am alos sure everyone would like to have the stat disable option. Sure all these s5 rooms are annoying but at least we would be able to play without having to switch to pen only gear.

    That was a good read. looking forward to what will happen next.

  • Thanks for the words and the dedication in the letter itself. We can see there is a lot of time put into this and all of the topics you pointed out are understandable. We all will be patient for changes and additions and try to help you all with your work to only make this community better!

    Good luck and also looking forward the next letter.

  • Nice one, too bad it being released on March, My apoligies, but you would be a terrible zerg player, you need to improve your timing.:Fumbi1:

    But, as many here know me, I am not here to fancy everything, nor to insult everything, so take the heat or leave thy kitcheen.

    I am happy to see that finaly, finaly you decided to stop being quiet and mention/advice players to stay away from those... Ill call them trashy programs.8)

    Second, GIMME THY BLUE HAMMER, no wait, what the frack am I saying.... Give me a golden hammer... no seriusly, poke that team of yours to make more skins.

    Third, I do hope and welcome both latin and asian comunities, as long as you include servers for them. X/

    Fourth, I am disapointed that theres still no news regarding clan system. (Yes no need to scream at me, I am clanless so what?) :whistling:

    Fifth.... I dont know what to say now, I think the removal of the repair system made me soft.... (please help)

    Sixth.. Wait now I remenber! :/ (Yup, getting senile...) when are you fixing the entry freezes? :cursing:

    I enjoyed reading this one, also tell them to not be shy, pump out more skins to make this game more beautifull as long as you also care about giving free content once in a while, once again, more skins.:Fumbi2:

    PS: fix le entry freezes


    Series: Vikings, Freakish, Black Matter, The Last Kingdom, Lucifer, Marco Polo, The strain.
    Reading: I have a mansion in the postapocalyptic world

    Games: Doing a rerun of old but gold games, Vampire the masquerade, Dungeon keeper, Evil genius, thinking of installing legacy of kain (all the game series)

    Time to act like IGN

    :Fumbi1:Rating of this letter, 3/5 Not enough fumbis on it. :Fumbi2:

  • Wow, dude, keep it up. I'm expecting good things from you from now on. As my personal suggestion, if yet it hasn't been done, request the source code of the game, that might make things easier for you and definetively would be better for you.

  • Woah. Aeria now has a designer team? That is pretty awesome.

    I am alos sure everyone would like to have the stat disable option. Sure all these s5 rooms are annoying but at least we would be able to play without having to switch to pen only gear.

    That was a good read. looking forward to what will happen next.

    I agree:

    I would also like to propose an upgrade to the skill filter for choosing unlimited, melee-only, and guns-only. The passive skill, detect should also be added into the melee-only skill limit.

    Further, a force / smart pack version of the detect skill could be detecting enemy position as transparent high-contrast 3D models - if hostiles are close enough to player - and / or additional 30 SP to make detect more viable as a support skill.


  • It's great to finally hear about the game expanding!! I've had many friends from LatinS4 that had asked me about it and now I can just send them this letter... Something else that would be cool, if we could have events to submit skin concepts for the game 🙊

    Side Note: What did you think of the ending of Altered Carbon? Also, you should watch the remake of Devilman, Devilman Crybaby on Netflix, it's really good.

  • one more time

    Warte, ist es es Zeit <removed> zurück ins Spiel zu bringen?

    Löscht ihr meinen Post?

    Habt ihr Angst, dass das passiert?

    Ihr wollt das schon wieder machen und unschuldige Accounts bannen?

    Ihr beschwert euch über Leute, Ecploits finden aber bekommt es nicht auf die Reihe etwas dagegen zu tun...

    Los Leuts. Verschwendet euer Geld und kauft bei solchen Leuten AP, damit euer Account irgendwann ohne Grund gebannt wird oder das Spiel stirbt, weil sie nichts aud die Reihe bekommen. Das Spiel stirbt sowieso bald..

    -Nachricht von Aeriagames für die S4 League Com. Wir möchten alle danken, die [uns Geld geben... ehm, sry falscher Text. ] diese Spiel spielen. Aber wie es corhersehbar war, wird dieses kaputte Spiel schließen. Am 5.5.2018 wird alles geclosed und wir entschuldigen uns dafür. Das Geld behalten wir natürlich. Das Geld, welches ihr in s4 investiert hättet könnt ihr jz in andere Games von uns investieren damit wir noch mehr <removed> damit kaufen können. Aber zögert nicht uns noch mehr Geld in den Rachen zu werfen bis das Spiel schließt!

    Denk darüber nach. Es ist Zeit das Spiel fairer zu gestalten und keiner wird mehr über das denken.

    Bitte wechselt BattleEye. Es brutzelt meinen Laptop!!

    Vergesst nicht, dass jedes Update, das rauskommt, das Spiel nur weiter kaputt macht.

    Danke dafür, dass ihr das goldene BattlEye benutzt und damit meine Leben erleichtert habt <3

    just reply on it or i'll spam it everwhere

    don't delete it

  • first of all, write in the german forum section if you wanna type in german. Then, this is your personal opinion and there's nothing I could change. However, you're mentioning baseless assumptions that can't be ignored.

  • Next time there will be a bot to spamming it everywhere just reply or say we can't reply

    change. However, you're mentioning baseless assumptions that can't be ignored.

    what about just make a vote and watch it ?

    i am not with this kids that using keylogger i hate them you know what i am meaning with my message let's don't forget the info that i sent via discord and private message i just looking for a fair game for everyone

  • bots can be easily filtered so dont try to attack the forum with ur stupidity. Get out of here already

    No reason to be mad, we all here to try help the game and the community and I can tell its doing better than than ma good portion of the pasts already.

  • There is alot of truth in his Post..and u are just keep ignoring the problems of the game. I iknow by switching to Battleye u meant it well to the game.. But it was a big mistake.. Its the problem itself. U guys made it way easier to create and bypass cheats. U keep ignoring the fact there are bugs/exploits in the game which make it able to crash the servers/players... or blacklist them so they cant even play the game anymore. U are just keep bringing out new Sets and trash patchs which are ruining the game even more.

  • Im not sure if thats the game publisher's job to worry about these kind of matter in the first place, so no reason to express your feelings about this here. Further you could go just in a support ticket I feel like. But if im wrong and its all AG behind this, correct me.

  • bots can be easily filtered so dont try to attack the forum with ur stupidity. Get out of here already

    No reason to be mad, we all here to try help the game and the community and I can tell its doing better than than ma good portion of the pasts already.

    Im not sure if thats the game publisher's job to worry about these kind of matter in the first place, so no reason to express your feelings about this here. Further you could go just in a support ticket I feel like. But if im wrong and its all AG behind this, correct me.

    do you even can understand anything ?

  • yea same here , yea something like that I think. with some points hes not wrong, but throwing it at our face the way he did is a bit too much and not really the way it should be done, if you know what i mean.. :D ..Like we all know the game's situation, but for the love of god, instead of writing a dummie post just suggest ways for GSs and CMs to improve the game or just some positiveness u know.. :D

  • I like this PM letter. For me kinda the best one so far^^

    The personal touch is also nice.

    I wish I could suggest you something kara, but it would end with some anime I guess xD

    Whyever this thread turned into a load of bs again. Guess someone is just mad. With this kind of behaivor nobody is gonna take you serious at all anyway.

    Isnt this an anime TPS after all? o:


    Kappa :D:D:D:D

  • Let me answer a few things.

    1) Yes, it's up to us to provide the best service possible. However, this does not justify exploiting the game's weak points to gain advantage. Small things we won't punish anyone but the difference is VERY clear in some cases. And even when it's not, if you are actively trying to have unfair advantage, you are taking a risk.

    2) I can't say much about security openly but I can tell you we are happier than before. Some of the issues we've faced were expected (as we switched to a new system, there was a period of adaptation) and there were other issues that had reasons other than Battleye's capacity. Extra information: It's up to us to decide on the security solution used in our servers, so this wasn't a choice by developers.

    3) You can definitely suggest anime! I'm currently fixated on Netflix tbh and I was really happy to see FMA there (I haven't finished watching it... don't kill me) but it turned out to be only in German Sub/Dub : ( Anyway, just need to dig my crunchyroll account :P

    4) People seem to have hated the ending of Altered Carbon. I don't know, I didn't hate it, I wasn't super disappointed. I wasn't super impressed either. Like Stranger Things and From Dusk Till Dawn (TV series adaptation) I kinda wish that it just ended in a single season but oh well.