"How do you have so much fun?"

  • this is why there is a rule that allows jump rooms to be made..coz of ppl like you who cant stand others playing in a diff manner and situation

    Hey kid, where did you pick that thing out? this rule that allows jump rooms was something that was discussed years ago between the gms, gs and forum users over a thread that lasted a long time where everyone tried together to find a way to stop the mass farming and mega laziness of people who dont even wanted to play this game. (instead they just sat in the room doing nothing while getting xp and pen)

    Where did you pick that "cant stand others playing in a diff manner and situation?", so if in league of legends all 10 players stay around on their spawns simply typing on the chat or walking around, would it count as playing?

    I was one of those that agreed for the GMs to implement the rules and accept the jump rooms, but hell, I am so disapointed that I agreed as that cancer spreaded troughout the entire game. Now we got players who have 90% of their gameplay on a jump room, seriusly, dont you know this is suposed to be a futuristic pvp game?

    Stop being so ignorant, we all know that jump rooms are acceptable if followed on the right way, even before these stupid room titles appeared, people created private rooms to train, but they wouldnt do it 24/7.

    Are you blind? have you not noticed the mass ammount of jump rooms? Are you realy sure that people dont want to farm xp/pen there?

    And dont quote me with the "Im a special snowflake, I cant handle bullets or stun, I dont wanna play a real match even after I reach max level because I cant jump stairs".

    Learning on jump rooms is like saying youre good on OS when you actualy only play cpdb.

    The thing is, jump rooms were suposed to be the warm up training before the real training and not the bloody core game.

  • are you saying ppl cant play the game as they like?in csgo,players would play kz all day not even worrying abt the main game,dota 2,custom games,warcraft 3,custom games,even in mmorpgs,some ppl just like to run around doing nothing.whats your point about one and only league the cancer?and are you even sure about those who are in jump rooms only care about exp?i dont know whether you're talking abt dm or td rooms but im mainly talking about td rooms since i never go to dm rooms