Video Q&A Live - Part II has been postponed to Friday!

  • Espers,

    At 13.07 Friday, our first live Q&A session took place on Facebook.

    Karasakal and Extrabios answered most of the questions asked by you, via the form we have given you before.

    Your interest, love and support was truly mesmerizing and we can't wait to meet you again, in the second part.

    Part II was supposed to go live today as we have said before, but due to some minor, technical issues it has been postponed to 27.07.2018, Friday, 15:15 (Berlin time).

    We will be there. Karasakal will answer your questions again. And we hope you will be there as well, just like the last time. And just like the last time, we will have surprise gifts for you to enjoy.

    See you in the live session

    Follow the link to see the Live Video when the time comes!

  • About the "surprise gifts", what are they ? Bc I shared the vid', comments my IG Name etc.. but didn't receive anything, probably not all the watchers receive something but just to know if I'm the only one in that case, and what are those gifts °°

  • ThEsE ArE NoT ExCuSeS TM

    We wOuLd lIkE To hAvE

    We WaNt

    "As we can see, the CS heavy is over 1000% stronger than the ps strong cut"


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  • Allright:

    I'm liking what I'm expecting from the devs in the upcoming months. TBH, if I wasn't going for robotics, then developing this game would be on my list of jobs.

    The second stream just finished.

    Before all these changes and acquisitions by Aeria, I did not expect anything good for the game, but now I see that they really want to do something, at least try to do something, hope they revive this.