[CM Letter] - August 2018 - Tamino

  • Hello Leaguers,

    You already met Milkmosh last time and now it’s my turn. So CM Tamino is here! I’m a community manager for the RU and EN communities. As I usually get bumped with questions about what we do as community managers I decided to start this letter straight from my tasks.

    As you may notice I’m not chatting that much on a Discord as I used to do it when I joined the team. That’s definitely the first thing I have in my plans with a hashtag #really_soon. So for now I only read discussions but not taking part. Nevertheless, you can always leave me a private message and I’ll check when I have free time but please don’t contact all the CMs at the same time with the same question.

    Okay enough with Discord, let me tell you about the busy part. I have to follow my boss’ orders. He is a known pirate Karasakal and I’m helping him find the lost treasures… uhm no… he is actually a Product Manager and I’m helping him with different tasks that involves our item mall. Usually I have my graphic editor open for the full day because I may need to create launchers, icons and images for the news, item mall and events. Therefore, whenever you see an event news and there’s a poor quality image and more poor quality launcher be sure it’s probably Tamino’s creation. However, this part of my work is definitely not taking my full day. Cooking some images takes a lot of time but that’s just least that I do. After all we have other graphic artists in the team so I’m more like someone who can do it on a short deadline. What I do next I gather all the information about our community. I start my day with checking social media, forums and ingame to gather a quick overview about the latest activities in the community. If I see something suspicious or important I report it to the team. If nothing important I switch to my daily tasks that involves translations, replying to some tickets and taking care of social media posts that we use to publish almost on every day. But don’t make it loud to say that I’m creating every post there. It’s definitely not true but most of them especially with “cats” is 100% mine. Sorry guys but I’m a cat lover, so there will be no doggos for a while. Please don’t tell it to my boss or else I won’t make any more puzzles for you there :)

    I can write some more things of my daily work but let’s stop here. How about knowing me more as a personality?

    So my nickname is Tamino, some might call me by different nicknames but originally Tamino is a prince from the opera I used to visit when I was young. Since that time this nickname was catchy to me. And here my background story ends. Pretty short and useless huh?

    Let’s continue… I’m probably an anime fan even though I’m not watching that much these days. However, I will definitely find some time to watch the Persona 5 animation once I finish the game and believe me it is worth playing. Something that really comes handy to my awful taste. New animes are not that cool for me so I prefer to re-read “Blame!” manga (and of course watching anime) over and over again.

    I also like to play S4 League, but don’t expect any pro skills from me. Honestly I’m a complete spammer with a Breaker, Twin Blades, Railgun, Bubble Homing Rifle and Mind Shock in Chaser mode to finish off. But that’s my choice, I choose my favorite weapons and play with them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So someday we might play a round of CMs vs Community, I promise to use Submachine Guns and Plasma Sword when that day comes.

    There’s also something on my table! Recently I got trapped by sushi food. I like Asian food but I don’t go for it so often but since there’s a good promotion going nearby my place I became too lazy to cook myself and just order a take out for the 7th time during this month! Chicken Tempura rolls were pretty good considering the fact that I’m not a fan of non-fish-filled rolls. Other than that I just go for regular Philadelphia rolls and ginger lemonade. Btw I can put ginger in EVERY dish even in the icecream. And since it’s summer I must tell you that I adore pistachios ice cream!

    What am I listening to now? Bad Boy by Red Velvet *-* and yes I’m a k-pop fan!

    So I’ll stop here for now. I’ll definitely tell you more in my next letter if anyone is interested but for now I’ll just go back to my work and see you in the Netsphere! Cheers <3!

    [CM] Tamino

  • When is there a letter of September?

    Gonna assume that if we didn't get any PMs over these 2 months (Oct one should be rolling out mid month or at the start of it but they seem to be running on some issues i guess) there hasnt been any progress that would make them happy to show us and that it has been just some tech techy stuff

  • Gonna assume that if we didn't get any PMs over these 2 months (Oct one should be rolling out mid month or at the start of it but they seem to be running on some issues i guess) there hasnt been any progress that would make them happy to show us and that it has been just some tech techy stuff

    PM letters usually gets released at the end of the month.

  • I wonder why the forum staff doesn't response on my request. Or maybe they saw it but doesn't answer haha (poor excuse to hide your inactivity), like most of the staff do (not to Heiliger and some other active staff members). Anyway, I would like to see how many staff members read this message. @staff give a like when you care about this topic.

    (Ps: don't inform each other to hide the truth ;) )

  • I knew I forgot to reply ^^

    the pm letter was meant to be released last week but since the downtime occurred, then the patch got implemented and karasakal's vacation, it has to be rewritten and then published. Nevertheless, it won't take too long until the next letter will be released

  • Uh... for how long was I off... when did the CM letters turn into CM introduction/random personal talk?

    They are different kind of letters. The one that you are looking for is the PM letter. Maybe wasn't a good idea to have similar names.

    Btw did anyone have notice the date of the first post? xD