Would you rather..

  • Haven't seen this one yet. Answer as many or as little questions asked. To trace questions more easily please note them as Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, etc. And A1, A2, A3, A4, etc.

    Q1: Would you rather not own any FP/SP items or play vs a rocket launcher every match?

    A1: I would rather not own any FP/SP items.

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  • Interesting!! Did you mean AP items instead of SP doe? Bit confused there.

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    Q2 : Would you rather never equip a pet or having the pet as big as your character?

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    A1 : I would rather play against RL every match, would be fun avoiding those rockets ^^^^.

    A2 : I would rather not equip a pet, some of them are already feel like they are overing 70% of my screen D:

  • Pain FP= Force Pack = weapons/Sets, SP= Smart pack = pets.

    A2: I would rather have any character as big as my pet.

    A3: I would rather not get any AP and still use the chat.

    Q4: Would you rather only play Chaser or TD St-2 SO for the rest of your life?

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  • Oops. I guess I shouldn't answer questions at 6 in the morning. XD

    A2: No pet then.

    A5: I'd rather have only 8v8 TD matches.

    Q6: Would you rather never play TD again or listen to Justin Bieber while playing TD?

    A6: I'd rather listen to JB. :kappa:

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  • hahaha, pet size characters would be funny!

    A5: 8v8s tooo :C

    A6: Omg...I guess JB, he has some gud jams lately

    Q7: Would you rather go back to lvl1 with all your items or lvl80 with one FP perm weapon and one pen perm set

  • A4: Chaser.

    A5: 8v8, I hate 1v1 stupid duels.

    A6: Never play TD again.

    A7: I think you wrote the question wrongly (there shouldn't be "never" I guess), but at this point I would rather never be a lvl1 and keep all my items :saint:

    Q8: Would you rather play only with one weapon and have dressed character (because of the bonuses) or be able to use 3 weapons but you can't use any part of a clothes?

  • A8: I think I would go with sets and one weapon beacuse otherwise im a paper and will die till I get my weapons out :D

    Q9: Would you rather play against hackers or play against hardcore laggers?

    A9: I got used to rekt hackers already so proabaly hackers are better :S

    A7: I think you wrote the question wrongly (there shouldn't be "never" I guess)


  • A10: 5% in my case since i can simply go for perma costume from shop (that only exludes exp bonus) and what else outside of capsules you could even use the 100% on ? xD

    heres one funny question that im eager to see answers for

    Q11: Would YOU STILL PLAY S4league if Station 2 (TD) map was removed ?

    Q12: Would YOU STILL PLAY S4league if Melle only rooms option was removed ?

  • No worry man, but I think its better to stick to it, also normal would you rather is online so anyone can play that, lets make our own :P

    A10 : Ofc x5% booster, cuz you are more likely to get more than one perm fp items from capsules, 100% onlt gurantees you one.

    A11 : Yes

    A12 : No

    A13 : --

    Your questions are not relevant to the would you rather game, as you have to state two different scenarious which we have to pick from.

  • Q14: Would you rather never play s4 and have no memories on the game or the people you met OR remember everything and play only s4. (no other games allowed)

    Bit confused about the question even after 5th time reading it, but

    A14: I rather remember everything and only play s4, as there are memmories that has changed my life and I won't let them go :D

  • So, if you knew that you will die f.e. in a car accident, you would never drive and be paranoid everytime near streets? Yea the question is tricky :D

    i know its tricky but in my opinion knowig how I die is better, although both is messed up

  • A1: Not have anything.

    A2: Big pet so I can use it as a mount.

    A3: Get 5k AP a day.

    A4: Chaser since that option has more maps.

    A5: 8v8

    A6: TD would die to me if that happened.

    A7: Go to lvl 1

    A8: 3 Weapons

    A9: Laggers

    A10: 5% booster

    A11: Yes

    A12: Yes

    A13: Fingers

    A14: Remenber/play S4.

    A15: When


    Would you rather be a powerfull mutated ghoul with monstrous claws that produce a virus wich will infect any enemy, turning them into ghouls (not the childish anime ghoul version in tokyo ghoul) or a weak but smart undead goblin necromancer who can rise other undead?

  • A17: I would have broken legs so at least I can still be on my pc and do my work and stuff I need.

    A18: I would rather fight a headache for 1 month and take pills or what not. Im not messing with tooth, fq dat

    Q19: Would you rather have toungues as fingers or have a finger as a tounge?

    Q20: Would you use someone else`s toothbrush or wear someone else`s dirty underwear?

  • A19: Toungues as fingers then pursue the career of japanese pornstar. :^)

    A20: Toothbrush.

    Q21: Would you rather eat raw meat or eat gun powder.

    A21: Well, you didn't say how much raw meat I have to eat, so I'll eat a very tiny piece of raw meat. o3o

    Q22: Would you rather your shirts be always two sizes too big or one size too small?